"Scorching hot! A must read for any paranormal romance lover."

Set on a futuristic Earth, Ankhet is a topaz Oracle, a visionary who utilizes gemstones to foresee the future. The Oracle Standard, or the leadership and lifestyle of these oracles, is in jeopardy by the Federation, a larger group attempting to take away the power of the Oracles. The Oracles need to increase their powerbase and ensure succession to future generations. So, Ankhet is searching for a Consort.

When Tallon wrecks his ship near Ankhet's secret island, he is captured, but not as a prisoner. No, he is captured as a possible candidate for Consort. Ankhet and Tallon are immediately drawn to each other, but a loyal guard, Danar, has been interested in Ankhet and vies for the position of Consort. A steamy love triangle begins. Unfortunately, Federation spies are watching Ankhet and she must trust those closest to her to overcome the enemy.

What a fantastic story! The story was well written and the plot moved well, keeping my interest as there was not one slow part. The love scenes were scorching hot and sweet. The political intrigue and romance were balanced and fit together perfectly at the end in this well planned and executed story. At the end, I exhaled a happy sigh. I love reading tidy books such as The Topaz Embrace.

I want more of The Oracle Standard series now!

Reviewed by Katie Seely
Posted June 21, 2009



In 3050 a global network of hereditary, gem-based Oracles—The Oracle Standard—rules a technology bereft Earth. The greedy Intercontinental Federation seeks to wrest power and wealth from the Oracles.

Ankhet, Topaz Oracle, near the end of her reproductive years, must produce legitimate issue or the Topaz Oracle Office will fall, and the The Oracle Standard's power will revert to the Federation. By law, she must allow all sincere Consort Candidates to attempt the test of worthiness. Only a Worthy Consort can bring an Oracle to her sexual peak and serve as a life-mate.

After years of failure, Ankhet discovers not one, but two Worthy Consorts, Tallon Sinclair—a bitter stranger shipwrecked on her island, and Danar D'Aubois—her trusted Personal Guard. As she struggles to save the Standard, Ankhet discovers, despite the exquisite pleasure the two bring, both have secrets, and the Federation may not be the only threat.

Categories: Erotic Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre Futuristic, M/F/M

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The Topaz Embrace
(The Oracle Standard)
by Antonia Pearce

Siren Publishing
June 1, 2009
Available: June 15, 2009
ISBN #1606014897
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