"Time-travel to meet an immortal Highlander"

The immortal clan MacAlpin has lived in their ancestral lands beside Loch Ness for hundreds of years. It is 1566 when handsome laird Lachlan MacAlpin rescues a woman from the loch's depths. The Guardian has brought his one true love as foretold by an ancient prophecy. Now he has one moon cycle to convince Amber McPhee and himself that they are destined for each other. Their love goes against the rules... immortals do not marry mortals.

A summary cannot do justice to the fun wrapped in the details of this tale. THE INSCRIPTION was intended to be read and enjoyed. If you are into technicalities, you may find areas that do not run smoothly with logic, but no more than many fantasy stories. I still can highly recommend this book for a fun read.

A 20th century woman traveling back in time probably would have more difficulties than portrayed with the violence of the time and there were some areas about the immortal society that I wanted more explained. Amber and Lachlan were people you became interested in and could care about the relationship developing between them and those around them.

Ms. Binder's first trip into Highland time travel was an enjoyable experience and I hope to be able to find other stories from her in the future.

Cy Korte Copyright August 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 14, 2002


The Inscription
by Pam Binder

January 14, 2000
ISBN #0671047655
357 pages
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