"when you know what you want - NEVER give up!"

When she was only fourteen and much too young to really make her mark in the world, Neiva, Princess of Fey, looked into the Waters of Fate and saw her one, true love. Rhys, her father's best friend, second in command, is much older and is absolutely resolved that he is NOT meant to be hers!

Six years later, Neiva is still trying to convince him that the Waters never lie and, despite the fact when Rhys looked he saw nothing makes no difference to her. She kisses him and he hears the "Song of Souls" which he thinks she conjured up to convince him. Again, she is denied. Angry she decides to offer herself up to the next male she sees. Rhys is angered but still in denial. Until he can take no more and takes her to her room.

Neiva asks her parents to let her go to the human world since she is half-fey/half-human and explore that lifestyle. After several long discussions they agree to let her leave but.....the King is sending Rhys along (unknown to his daughter) to preserve the Princess' safety. From whom?

What a good story! I love confused men, women who know what they want and are determined to get it/him. A+++ to the author.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted June 18, 2009


What's a Princess to do when the man Fate has chosen for her denies her?

As Princess of Fey, Neiva has led a privileged life. When she sees her mate in the Waters of Fate, she is shocked at who Fate has paired her with. When he refuses her again and again, her shock quickly turns to anger.

Rhys has been friends with the King of Fey for centuries. Surely Fate would not be so cruel as to mate him with his friend's daughter? Never mind that he hears the Song of Souls when she is near - she has mistaken the situation and he must let her down gently.

After yet another denial from Rhys, Neiva decides it's time to move on. She leaves the Fey Realm and goes to the human world - the world of her mother - determined to find some semblance of happiness. Rhys is given the duty of watching over her while she is there - a task that drives him mad with desire and frustration. But danger has followed Neiva there. Now she is not only in danger of losing her heart, but also her life.

Genre: Erotic Rating : Total-e-burning - Explicit, highly imaginative and hot, where almost anything goes. These titles are very uninhibited in both sexual dialect and descriptiveness.
Genre: Fantasy
Book Length: Novel

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Waters of Fate
(Fey Series: Book 2)
by Jessica Jarman

May 1, 2009
Available: May 25, 2009
ISBN #1906811776
EAN #9781906811778
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