"Sometimes dreams are real!"

In the not too distant future, the world is stunned to discover that beings previously assumed to be the stuff of legend and fairy tales really exist. For some, the news that vampires, dragons, and shapeshifters are real is an exciting revelation. For others, it is their worst nightmare come to life.

Megan hadn't slept well for weeks. Tormented by dreams of a handsome man being tortured, she thought she was going crazy. When she tried to get professional help, she discovered that the man in her dreams was a missing dragon shifter, and she was in terrible danger. When a handsome man rescues her from the men who try to take her, she is suddenly immersed in a stunning new world, and discovers the man of her dreams.

Alessandro had lived a long life. A dragon shifter, he had few things that mattered to him. One was his brother, Ricardo. The beautiful woman he just rescued is the key to finding him. What he didn't plan on was that Megan would also be the woman who makes him whole. The only problem is that Alessandro's time is almost up, and just when he has found Megan, it looks like he is about to lose her. Will they be able to find Ricardo? Will their new love be allowed to grow, or will Megan have to deal with the pain of losing love again?

RED ALERT was a great story. Ms. Connolly does a great job of creating a very believable alternate reality, with a very realistic result. The villains in the story are excellent as well, and add an extra dose of thrill to the story. The romance between Sandro and Megan is explosive, and made all the more poignant by Sandro's feeling that his time is short. The decisions that he makes based on that feeling are very noble, even if they are painful for all parties involved. All in all, RED ALERT was an amazing read!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted June 18, 2009


Megan meets Sandro at the lowest time of her life—when she thinks her crazy nightmares are symptoms of the tumor that is killing her. But the sexy dragon shape-shifter tells her the dreams are telepathic messages from his missing brother. More than telepathy flares between them. Megan and Sandro burn up the night with sizzling passion, but Sandro won’t commit, and Megan wants more than a fling.

When Sandro rescues Megan from a dangerous situation, she gives him the key to locate his brother, but he wants far more from her. He wants her body, all ways, all day, all night.

But he knows he can’t promise Megan any kind of forever.

Genre: e: Twilight (Paranormal), Shapeshifter
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Red Alert
(Ecstasy in Red: Book 1)
by Lynne Connolly

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
March 1, 2009
Available: March 27, 2009
ISBN #1419920634
EAN #9781419920639
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