"Four times the fun!"

In a world where humans are divided into Normals and Extraordinaries, one man gifted with the ability to see the soul mates of others works to bring perfect matches together. In order to accomplish this, he establishes the Office of Kink and Karma. Each Normal woman who comes to his attention will be matched with the Extraordinary man or men that completes them.


Emily Stuart loves to be touched, but most men don't want to take the time that she needs. So, she is thrilled when she meets Josh Martin, who seems more than willing to do what she needs to make her happy. Josh wasn't thrilled about his assignment from the Office of Kink and Karma, until he saw Emily. Suddenly, things looked a whole lot brighter, but when his job was finished, how could he move on and forget the woman who had taken his heart?

This story was great! The whole concept behind this series is very interesting, and Ms. Kyle does a great job describing her characters. This story was smoking!


Lara Kinley has been working two jobs for several months in order to try to adopt a very special little girl. When her best friend shows up at her night job with his boyfriend, things suddenly start to look very interesting. Theo and Jackson have been lovers and partners for a long time. When they are assigned Lara by the Office, they are at first a bit leery. However, when Jackson's wolf recognizes Lara as one of its mates, things start to heat up. Will the three of them be able to come to terms with their relationship? Will Lara be allowed to adopt her little girl?

Wow. The characters in this story will bring tears to your eyes, especially Chrissy, the little girl. I really liked how alpha Jackson was, and how Lara still was able to stand up to him. Excellent job!


Margaret is a Dominatrix looking for the man of her dreams. He has to be submissive, and have the same tastes that she does. When she can't find him, she decides to leave the lifestyle behind, and settle for a vanilla relationship, after one final weekend fling to say goodbye. So, she calls an escort service to supply her with an Extraordinary submissive for the weekend. Nate is an Animale Extraordinary assigned Margaret's case. When he finds out that Margaret has hired an escort, he arranges to take his place. A hilarious case of mistaken identity leads to a very hot weekend! Will Margaret be able to forgive Nate when she finds out who he really is?

This story was excellent! The mistaken identity caused some hilarious scenes, and the dialogue between Margaret and Emily was hilarious. It was really interesting to see the continuation of Emily and Josh's story as well. An entertaining read!


Sami was thrilled when her former boss found her a new job after she took an extended vacation. What Sami didn't know was that her new boss was a total hottie, and that they would quickly become more than friends. Eric was the founder of the Office of Kink and Karma. After three successful matches, he has decided to call it a day. He never expected that the perfect match for him would fall right in his lap. Will Eric and Sami get their happily ever after?

This story cracked me up! Eric's mistake about Sami's gender created a very funny scene, and the whole story was full of humorous moments like that. All in all, it was a very good end to an excellent collection of work.

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted June 17, 2009


In a world where Normals and Extraordinaries are constantly at odds, Eric D'Amore is plagued with the ability to sense soul mates. A talent he puts to work on the case files of the Office of Kink and Karma...

Josh Martin doesn't care what the Council wants, he's not about to let them turn him into some boy toy. Until he's called to the Office of Kink and Karma, where he sees Emily's picture. Now he can't wait to get his thoughts -- and his hands -- on her. What's a Normal gal to do when she meets an Extraordinary who can arouse her with the touch of his mind? Enjoy his every thought, of course.

Theo and Jackson are partners in love and life, but both of them feel something's missing. It takes an order from the Office of Kink and Karma for them to admit their desire for a woman in their lives. And not just any woman -- Lara Kinley. Together they set out to seduce and capture Lara for their own.

Margaret Thompson is a prim and proper librarian by day and Dominatrix by night. Though she brings pain and pleasure to others, she can't seem to find "the one" for herself. When she orders a man from Triple E, Extreme Extraordinary Escorts, the last thing she expects is a hunk like Nathan Wells. Nathan hates working as an escort. And what does he know about BDSM? Nothing. But once he meets Margaret, he's more than willing to learn...

After playing matchmaker and setting up three couples, Eric D'Amore is ready to retire. To add to his stress, his used-to-be love and plaything, Melani, has shown up pregnant. To top it off, the office assistant he hired turns out to be a woman. Can things possibly get any worse?

Of course. It's the Office of Kink and Karma. Case closed.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Collections
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Bisexual and More, Shapeshifters, BBW
Length: Collection

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Office of Kink & Karma
(Office of Kink & Karma: Collection)
by Celia Kyle

Changeling Press
April 1, 2009
Available: April 25, 2009
ISBN #1605212121
EAN #9781605212128
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