"A Sensual Adventure"

In the never-ending battle between the People of Smoke and the People of Clouds, one man serves as the guardian and protector of Earth. When he meets one very special woman, will he be content to continue his thankless job?

Reeling from a terrible accident that cost her a dear friend, Lourdes Flores eagerly responded to a job offer from a rich man who needed a librarian to catalog his personal collection. When she arrived at the mansion, she was stunned to see her new employer, because he was nothing like what she had imagined.

Alexi Marius was tired. He had been protecting Earth from the ravages of its enemies for thousands of years. For that entire time, he had been alone. Then Lourdes responded to his ad, and suddenly life looked so much more interesting. But would his secret tear their newfound love apart?

SILK BONDS was amazing! The characters were fascinating, especially Alexi. I also really liked Lourdes' background in re-enactment. The chemistry between the two was scorching, and the love scenes between them were very well written. Also, the descriptions of Alexi's horse and of the battle scenes were excellent. All in all, this was an incredible book, that held me riveted from the first pages. Wonderful job, Ms. Hill! Can't wait to read more of your work!

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted June 17, 2009


Recovering from an accident that almost killed her, Lourdes realizes she must reevaluate her life. She takes a job categorizing books in the vast private library of Alexi Marius, a wealthy, reclusive and sinfully gorgeous man.

Lourdes is soon seduced by her brooding employer. As she and Marius explore their sexual desires, she discovers he’s hiding a secret more dangerous and unbelievable than she ever imagined.

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy, BDSM
Theme(s): Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Length: Novel

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Silk Bonds
by Kate Hill

Changeling Press
April 1, 2009
Available: April 24, 2009
ISBN #160521129X
EAN #9781605211299
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