"Here Kitty Kitty..."

Cecily Mason was the youngest in a powerful witch family. As the final step in her training, she has to go through a ceremony to get her familiar. Unsure as to what animal will be given to her, Cecily is stunned when a beautiful jaguar appears during the summoning. She is even more surprised when it turns into an even more beautiful man.

Mauricio Oliveria is a jaguar shifter. Ever since the death of his mate, he has wandered the jungles of Brazil in his animal form. Unfortunately, his jaguar is a witch's familiar, so when she summoned him, he was pulled to Philadelphia. Angry, he spends most of his time as a human ignoring Cecily, or lashing out at her. However, his jaguar knows where he is supposed to be. Will Mauricio be able to get past his anger, and help Cecily when she needs it?

STRANGELY FAMILIAR was excellent! The characters were very well written, and the interactions between Mauricio and Cecily were scorching! I really got a kick out of Cecily's slightly overbearing family, especially her mother, who kinda reminds me of my own mother. All in all this was an excellent story! I can't wait to read more by this author.

Reviewed by Beth Foster
Posted June 16, 2009


Cecily Mason is the youngest in a long line of powerful witches, and the time has come for her to summon her familiar, an animal companion to strengthen her abilities and share her life. Only instead of summoning a simple animal she summons a werejaguar, and the man inside the beast isn't happy to be under her control. Like it or not, they're stuck with each other, and in order to save both their lives they'll have to learn to live with each other, and eventually to love each other as well.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic, Shapeshifter, Magic
Heat Rating: 3 - Exclusive pairings and maybe multiple partners, toys, anal play, light bondage
Length: HeatSheet (15K words)

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Strangely Familiar
(Heat Sheet: Roar)
by Cari Z.

March 1, 2009
Available: March 29, 2009
ISBN #1606591452
EAN #9781606591451
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