"a great start to what should be a wonderful series"

The King of the Unblessed is the first book in the Realm Immortal series. It tells the story of Merrick, the dark elfin King of Valdis, and the woman he finds himself longing for, Lady Juliana of Bellemare.

Readers will enjoy reading how Merrick became the King of the Unblessed and how he is caught in the middle of his brother, the now ruler of what should have rightfully been Merrick's, and King Lucien of the Damned.

They also meet Lady Juliana of Bellemare. Her brothers love her and will do anything to protect her. Even if it is to marry her off to a friend of their father. Juliana wants something else though. She longs for adventure and silently states she will do anything, even selling her soul, to get it.

Merrick doesn't want her soul. He just wants her. So he makes her a deal. He will give her the adventure she longs for. Afterwards she becomes his for however long he desires. To make it more interesting. Merrick has taken the children of Bellemare. Now Juliana must start her quest or her and the children are dead. Will she complete the quest and free the children? Can Merrick resist the spell Juliana has put on him?

Michelle M. Pillow does a lovely job of drawing her readers into the Realm of the Unblessed and Immortals in the first book of this series. Her readers will enjoy following the twists that Merrick places on Lady Juliana, as well as watching as they find themselves drawn to one another in the twisted realm of the Immortals and the Unblessed. Truly a great start to what should be a wonderful series.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted June 15, 2009


The choice is simple: go with him or die.

Merrick, dark elfin King of Valdis, had once been heir to all that was good—happiness and pleasure his domain. Now, trapped as the ruler of mischief, king of necessary evil, he stands on a precipice of choice. On one side, his estranged brother, now ruler of what should have been Merrick’s and, on the other, King Lucien of the Damned. Both would sway him. Damnation is winning.

Lady Juliana of Bellemare is from a human family, protected by the Blessed, coveted by the Damned. Betrothed to an old friend of her father’s, Juliana is resigned to living out her days close to her childhood home, longing for an adventure, never dreaming she’d get what she wished for. When her fiancé is murdered and the children of Bellemare are stolen, Juliana is sent on a quest in a strange realm where appearances are deceiving.

Merrick brings more adventure and passion than any woman could want. Can she withstand the temptations of the Unblessed king? The spell she weaves over him is more than he can resist and, desperate to be the one to rule her, Merrick offers her a choice; either come with him until he tires of her…or die.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel

Note: This title was previously released by Samhain Publishing.

Warning: This book contains hot sex, violence, trickster goblins, overly helpful sprights, a king of necessary evil who lives to get his way and a woman who would dare to deny him.

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King of the Unblessed
(Realm Immortal: Book 1)
by Michelle M. Pillow

Samhain Publishing
March 1, 2009
Available: March 6, 2009
ISBN #1599980088
EAN #9781599980089
e-Book (reprint)
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