"Fantastic story of love and betrayal!"

Our story begins right after a funeral has taken place. Our hero, Mikhail Fallon, has just come from the funeral of his soul mate—Keenan McCullough. Both are agents of the Exchange—an agency which polices the supernatural. After a drunken binge the night before, Fallon wakes up to realize Keenan might not be dead at all. After all, he never felt her die and with their bond, he would have.

Then we go back in time five months. The Supervisor has just informed Fallon he will be getting a partner. However, this news does not exactly make Fallon happy. He works alone, he always has. He doesn't want or need a partner, especially not a human. The fact his partner is a woman is a further strike against her. As a Hell-Hound Reaper, Fallon has abilities way above and beyond those of humans. And even though Keenan may have psychic abilities, Fallon knows she will slow him down. So when he meets Keenan, he realizes the Supervisor's plan—to put Fallon with his soul mate, thereby ensuring they bond. And they do, explosively.

When Keenan and Fallon are sent to Canada to hunt down some Revenants, they are befriended by Coim—An Fear Liath Mor—a huge furry creature with amazing power and skills. Once the Revenants are destroyed, Keenan and Fallon return to the Exchange. They find Keenan's ex-fiancé—the man she found in bed with her mother—with the Supervisor. Turns out they have a new assignment. There is a revivalist out there bilking people out of their hard-earned money and when someone goes against this woman, there is some kind of creature killing them. Of course, her ex makes his intentions toward Keenan pretty obvious from their first meeting, but Keenan will work with him and nothing more. Their mission, to infiltrate this woman's group and find out what kind of creature is at her command and destroy it.

What will happen during their assignment? How does Keenan die? Will Fallon survive without Keenan? What kind of creature does this woman have at her beck and call and will Keenan and Fallon be able to destroy it? And how does Coim fit into all of this?

DANCING ON THE WIND is a wonderful offering by Charlotte Boyett-Compo. Once again, I found myself reading this story way beyond my bedtime just to see what happened next. I haven't been able to figure it out yet, but there is just something so compelling about Charlotte Boyett-Compo's writing that catches me up and keeps me reading, regardless of the material. Even with all the pain either the hero, heroine or both endure, I still keep reading. It's easy to see why this author is so popular and why I'll keep reading her books. In this story, we have a truly Alpha man who would die for his mate and the woman won't take anything from him, but if something happens to him, she would also die. There's an exciting plot filled with danger at every turn—and a few surprising twists—and a wonderful ending. I highly recommend this story, along with all of Charlotte Boyett-Compo's works.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted June 15, 2009


The last thing Alpha Agent Mikhail Fallon wanted was a partner, and a human partner at that. His special powers as a Reaper were all he needed to get the job done. A human, even one with psychic powers, would only get in the way and especially so if she was a female.

Keenan McCullough took one look at the man with whom she was to partner and felt a chill go through her. It wasn't the deadly persona he gave off, the growl aimed her way, the way his eyes flicked at her with disdain. What scared Keenan was her immediate and overwhelming attraction to the tall, dark and hands-off killer. She wasn't looking for an attachment but one had just found her.

Fallon and Keenan come together like matches and gasoline—a heated explosion just waiting to erupt. Their bodies on fire with a need neither can satisfy anywhere else, it is only a matter of time before their passions will detonate. For them, primal lust is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Sexual Content: Rated S-ensuous
Genre: Werewolf
Book Length: Super Plus Novel

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Dancing on the Wind
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora's Cave
April 1, 2008
Available: April 4, 2008
ISBN #1419915177
EAN #9781419915178
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