"A woman's tears set him free, but is he free to love?"

Kissed By Starlight is a regency about Blaic a farie prince who was in Flowers by Moonlight and turned into a statue by the farie king for helping Conn and Sira. The only way to break the spell that made him a statue is a woman's tears. It is 650 year later when Felica cries at the foot of the statue and Blaic is released. With reading both books and knowing Blaic from FBM it was nice watching him change. I liked KBS better but I think they where both good.

There are some really great scenes in this book. Any time a human touches a fairy when the contact is broken the fairy has to say "command me" and then do whatever the human has asked. Blaic doesn't truly like humans and he knows that they're greedy and they always ask for money and things. So he's shocked when Felicia asks him to cure her sister. Afterward when Blaic goes back to the fairy world he can get into the world; he can go to his room but he can't be around or see the people -- he can hear faint noises but he is still totally alienated from his people. Felicia didn't believe her being to make look like she was drowning her sister was a betrayal. Blaic knows to return to the Land of the Fairies he has to betray Felicia but he doesn't realize how hard that is going to be.

In the process of Blaic curing Felicia's sister, the situation is made to look like Felicia was trying to drown her sister. She is put into a dirty jail cell with the lowest of the low. When Blaic sees Felicia in jail and the circumstances that she is in, he steals a magical bag from the Fairy King (remember, this is the guy who made him a statute) and drops it on Felicia's lap. Felicia is sitting in the jail cell and all of the sudden this bag appears (Felicia can't see Blaic). She doesn't know where the bag has come from but she has an idea. Any type of food that anyone mentions appears in the bag; so Felicia is able to give the mother milk for her baby and the other people in the cell the different foods that they want. When Felicia is released from jail and sees Blaic, she returns the bag to him. Blaic doesn't understand this. She didn't take being arrested as a betrayal and she had a bag that most people would have probably killed for and just gives it back. Throughout the book there is other scenes of same type. Blaic doesn't understand Felicia not asking for things for herself.

Felicia's life hasn't been that great in and of itself. She's an illegitimate child whose father took her from slum conditions when her mother died to live in his manor home with his wife and child. Her stepmother can't stand her. Blaic has this cape that allows him to be invisible and there is this really great scene where Blaic wraps him and Felicia in the cape and they're both invisible and Felicia's stepmother is searching for her. Felicia loves her half-sister but is never truly treated as she belongs in the family. When her father dies, her stepmother arranges for Felicia to have a job caring for other illegitimate children of wealthy families in an orphanage. In other words, she throws her out.

Blaic finally does succeed in betraying Felicia. It is such a hard blow that I didn't even see it coming, but it's not as bad as you might think. Blaic is reunited with his people and allowed back into his world and Felicia is once again in jail. Blaic goes to see Felicia at the jail and asks her to come with him to his world. She fully forgives Blaic for what he did (Blaic explains why he had to betray her) but Felicia refuses to go to his world even though they love each other. She wants to help the children at the orphanage. The book has a happy ending. And Blaic and Felicia have a child who has some fairy abilities. You're left not knowing how many but you know he has some and I hope the next book will be about that child. I really did like this book. It's really good and I hope that the next one has some more with Blaic in it. He's a really interesting character. Someone on this List said there was going to be a third book Magic by Daylight.

Sheila Bragg Copyright July 1999
for & ParaNormal Romance

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 14, 2002


Mourning her father's death, Felicia cries at the feet of a statue in her garden. Suddenly the statue comes to life--and leaps down beside her! His name is Blaic, and he vows to serve her. But as he comes to know her, Blaic finds his heart bewitched by another spell--of love.


Kissed by Starlight
(Living Lands: Book 2)
by Lynn Bailey

Jove Pubns
May 1, 1999
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #0515125059
EAN #9780515125054
320 pages
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