"What a wonderful way to weave a tale for a character that so many of us loved."

Possible Spoiler Alert: This book is part of a series, if you have not read the entire series, please do so! You will love it. This book review does not contain a spoiler for this book, however, due to the fact it is part of a series, will likely give away a key part to the first book, Christina's Tapestry. I recommend you read Christina's Tapestry and the rest of the Tapestry Bride's before reading this marvelous book.

Kathryn Piedmont worked for her father on Project Alpha in the year 2133. The project was designed to create super soldiers. Human males genetically engineered and enhanced with computer programming who would then fight for The Ruling Council. While trying to secure the rescue of two of the men involved in the project and slotted for death, Kathryn finds herself face to face with her wildest fantasy. Her favorite escape is to hide away in her attic and read an old book that features the sad and lonely character, Marc of the House of Garen. This enigmatic, handsome warrior captivates her like no other man has...too bad he's not real. In the story of Christina's Tapestry, Marc and his brother Jarek compete for the right to be the one husband to Christina, while the other will live his life sharing her with his brother only once a week. Jarek has won the right to Christina's hand. Marc has always seemed such a sad character that her heart goes out to the warrior that she feels deserves love and happiness. If only she could be the one to give it to him. But it's only a story. Just a book. Right?

It's said the Tapestry of legend will bring a bride to the men of Javara only once during a slated period of years, that has happened. But can the Tapestry take a man to his bride? Marc will soon find he is caught up in the whirlwind trip of the tapestry to find the woman of his dreams. Only she is in danger and for a warrior that is unacceptable. Nothing will endanger his woman. He's waited too long for a woman of his own. He won't let Kathryn go, not even if his life depends on it. Kathryn's life is in danger thanks to her father and there's no way her life will be lost, Marc won't allow it.

What a wonderful way to weave a tale for a character that so many of us loved. N.J. Walters has given us a fantastic and unique way to revisit a character that I personally had hoped would find happiness. I highly recommend you read this if you are one of the many fans of N.J. that wished to see Marc's story revisited. Heck, I recommend the whole series! Twists, turns, excitement and totally hot alpha male there anything better?

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted June 9, 2009


Marc Garen knows and understands the laws of his world. On Javara, women are scarce and brothers must share, although only one can be her husband. But he is lonely to the depths of his soul and longs for a woman of his own. Suddenly the tapestry hurls him into a violent world…to the woman who has haunted his dreams.

Kathryn is a scientist, fighting to save two genetically enhanced super soldiers from termination when the man of her fantasies appears and magically transports them all to safety. Now three men share Kathryn's bed, all bent on satisfying her every desire. But Marc is resolved to make her his alone. He has three days to convince her…before the tapestry returns.

Genre: Erotic Time Travel
Reader Advisory: This book contains super-hot scenes involving three men and one woman.


Threads of Destiny
(Tapestries series: Book 4)
by N. J. Walters

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2009
Available: January 14, 2009
ISBN #1419919105
EAN #9781419919107
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