"Is alien blood a lifesaver or curse?"

Did you ever wonder what your neighbors thought of you? Author Alexander Claybourne found out one evening when 9 year old Gail knocks at his door one evening "looking for the vampire" to cure her sister. Touched and intrigued, Alex visits Kara in the hospital. On an impulse, he gives her an injection of his blood, but he has no idea what chain of events he has triggered. He wasn't even sure if it would cure her or harm her. 

Kara's recovery was miraculous and the doctor amazed. Even more amazing was the blood test he had taken just before she left the hospital. He needed to examine her more thoroughly and do more tests on her to isolate that unique change in her blood that cured her. Although she was unwilling to have further tests, Dr. Peterson forces her. Dr. Peterson's unscrupulous purpose is to have a source of this life saving blood factory and become rich and so Alex must rescue her. 

Alex never realized his alien blood would cause such a stir. Having been banished to this primitive planet years ago, he recognized the need to hide his differences. Now he must use his powers and knowledge to save himself and the woman he has grown to love. He has occasion to use his powers and tell her about his heritage as part of the tale. Many of his powers and problems are similar to a vampire of legend. The fact that his pen name is A. Lucard (Dracula spelled backward) is his recognition of the irony. You will have to read to get the full pleasure of learning about him! I won't spoil it. He is a "man" worth meeting. 

I enjoyed this story, have it on my keeper shelf and am looking for the sequel. There is a time or two in the story, though, where I say "why doesn't he just....". I realize it is necessary for part of the plot, but it is still a frustration point that this smart guy is missing an obvious answer. (But just like in the movies, it is necessary for the story... just like they don't shoot the horses in westerns because the hero needs to chase the bad guy.) I'll leave it at that so I don't disclose too much of the plot. Read the book, you will enjoy it. 

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted January 14, 2002


The townsfolk of Moulton Bay said there was something otherworldy about Alexander Claybourne. Some people whispered that with his dark, arresting features and mesmerizing eyes, the seductive stranger looked every inch a vampire. They never guessed how near the truth they were - or that after more than two hundred years of resisting temptation, Claybourne had found a woman he had to possess.

Never one to be scared off by superstitious lore, Kara Crawford laughed at the local talk of creatures lurking in the dark. What harm could come of befriending the handsome stranger with the haunted look in his midnight eyes? No matter what shadowy secrets Alexander hid, Kara felt drawn to him, complled to join him beneath the silver light of the moon, where they would share a love...DEEPER THAN THE NIGHT.

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Deeper Than The Night
by Amanda Ashley

Love Spell
August 1, 1996
Available: August 14, 1996
ISBN #050552113X
EAN #9780505521132
391 pages
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