"All These Murders and Chocolate, Too!"

Lilly Fraser is a newspaper columnist cum author cum chocaholic. She has bribed her best friend and co-worker Stacia to critique her novel because it is obvious neither of them do much at work. The Intercity News and Burger Barn had seen better days (hell, better decades!) and the boss is always on them to get the paper out. Well, the job did feed Lilly's shopping crazes - and she had a lot of them.

Lilly's novel "Lila Luminosity and the Lipstick Murders" finds our heroine and her cohort trying to solve the murder of their boss. The victim was found in her office, strangled by an old typewriter ribbon with two kosher hot dogs in places no one would want them. Also a red lipstick print on her ass. Lily is a shopper and chocaholic (sound familiar?) and her current boyfriend is the best detective in the city - Buster Balls.

I had some issues with this book. It took me a bit to adjust to the "book within the book", if you will but over all it was amusing. The characters' names were pretty funny and I really liked Lily's mother - she was a hoot! If you have a spare weekend it would entertain you, I think. Not my usual cup of tea but worth a look....

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted June 8, 2009


Kick off your Monolos, open a bag of Hershey kisses, and join Lila Luminosity and her gang of galactic crazies as she lives out every woman’s fantasy and proves a girl can never own enough pairs of shoes, eat enough cocoa bean products and run far enough away from her mother. Take a minute to bond with Lila and the ever-perfect Buster as they solve the lipstick murders and make the universe safe for chickens and Prada boots once more.

Genre: Humor, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Futuristic

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Lila Luminosity and the Lipstick Murders
(Lila Luminosity: Book 2)
by Norma Zager

Devine Destinies
February 1, 2009
Available: February 14, 2009
ISBN #1554872413
EAN #9781554872411
334 pages
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