"Pugsley Hates Reapers!"

Working in a bar all day, taking PHD level classes in social work first thing in the morning then trying to study is more than Keely Montgomery can manage. 'Way more! Add in her dumpy apartment owned by her boss, with bills piling up and an empty fridge to boot, and the girl is in over her head. She ain't seen nothin' yet! One day a guy comes into the bar and hands her a scroll. She has been hired (never applied but who's counting...) by the Office of Death and Dismemberment as a Scythe. A what? Scythes are the folks who show up just as you die and cut your earthly cord so that your soul can move on. And it is cut with...a golden Scythe, of course! She turns them down flat. However, she doesn't count on Heavenly persistence. She also doesn't count on the trainer, Samson, who won't take no for an answer. Her first "job" is in a dark alley where a man has passed away naturally. She does her duty and is seen by Det. Josish Adler, who is sure she is responsible. And if she's not...well, he'd like to see much more of Ms. Montgomery!

This book was great! It had everything: bad guys, really good guys, (like angels) really, really good guys (in bed) and a heroine who won't give up for anything once she knows she's right. Did I mention a bulldog named Pugsley? He's one of the best parts. It's worth your time to settle down and enjoy it. Hopefully, there will be more to come!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted June 4, 2009



A hot chick. A golden blade. Dead bodies. It’s enough to make a cop crazy.

Keely Montgomery doesn’t spend much time thinking about death. She’s too busy working toward a Ph.D. in social work—her ticket out of a low-rent apartment in a New Jersey urban center. Until an angelic courier delivers a scroll from the Office of Death and Dismemberment that could take her career down a new path—as one of Heaven’s Holy Assassins.

Her? Become a Scythe? No thanks, not interested. But she underestimates how persistent Heaven can be.

Detective Josiah Adler has seen a lot of weird things during his time on the force. A hot blonde wielding a golden blade, standing over a string of dead bodies? That’s a new one. So is the fact that her grisly deeds leave no blood or marks on the bodies.

The woman’s effect on his libido is another new development. One that leaves him no choice but to nail her before she kills again. And before his heart no longer stands a chance…

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic SciFi-Futuristic
Length: Novel

Warning: Contains wise-cracking heavenly bodies, sci-fi geekery and a bulldog named Pugsly.

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by M. K. Mancos

Samhain Publishing
May 1, 2009
Available: May 19, 2009
ISBN #1605045330
EAN #9781605045337
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