"Problematic on many levels"

Chaundra Hunt is on a mission to find her best friend Valerie. Valerie disappeared nearly a month ago without a trace. When Chaundra receives a note alluding to Valerie's whereabouts, she decides to follow the lead... alone. Valerie was last seen at Club Foreplay -- a private establishment known for open sex and a dangerous clientele. Armed with her gun and determined to get answers, Chaundra drives out to the seedy nightspot and boldly walks into the club. What she sees inside shocks and arouses her...and so does Sin.

Sin Stoner has had his sights set on Chaundra for a long time. Ever since he saw her on the cop reality show, he knew he had to have her. Kidnapping Valerie was all part of his plan to lure Chaundra into his trap, and soon all his work will pay off. Getting her to Club Foreplay had been fairly easy. Convincing her to follow him to his home proved to be a small challenge. Now he will show her that she was made to be his, and must surrender herself to him....mind, body, and soul. Sin will not accept anything but her complete submission and is determined to break her.

Chaundra is drawn to Sin, but refuses to give up her independence. As weeks go by and Sin refuses to see her, Chaundra concludes that independence is a small comfort when her bed is cold. But can she trust this mysterious man who refuses to meet her halfway? Can Chaundra gain happiness by surrendering herself to the man who haunts her dreams? And will he surrender his heart in return? For Sin's part, he is willing to wait for Chaundra's inevitable surrender. He is immortal after all...and as such, he has all the time in the world.

NIGHT OF SIN is problematic on many levels. The most glaring issue is the complete absence of one likeable character. Chaundra makes illogical choices and appears to have some real self esteem issues. Sin is the most despicable hero this reader has ever come across -- completely unbending, unromantic, calculating, and selfish. He and his brothers (2) not only share Chaundra sexually, but they all seem to have a mutual knack for treating her like a play toy...yet love and reverence is supposed to play a part in all of it. Color me confused, but I don't see it and I don't buy it. Additionally, there are some disturbing remarks regarding race and body types sprinkled throughout the story. Diversity and a more global representation of beauty is desperately needed in this genre, however when it is attempted by making disparaging remarks about others, I consider it an all around failure.

Readers who want lots of sex with story loosely tacked around it may find NIGHT OF SIN perfectly enjoyable, but if you're looking for a satisfying erotic romance with relatable multicultural characters, you may want to skip this one.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted May 30, 2009


Chandra Hunt has worked hard to become the first detective sergeant in her graduating class. When her best friend disappears, her search leads to a hedonistic adult club called Foreplay. There she encounters a tall, dark, scandalously handsome blue-eyed stranger who insists she share a raunchy dance with him.

In Chandra, centuries-old vampire Sin-Bad Stoner has finally found a woman to replace the one he's spent hundreds of years mourning. But Chandra already has a man in her life and is likely to resist all efforts to strip her of her hard-fought independence. Undeterred, Sin-Bad devises an elaborate plan to lure her to his isolated country mansion where he and his brothers eagerly await her arrival.

Although she willingly spends a long night exploring their mutual sexual hungers, Chandra rebuffs his attempt to dominate her. In response, Sin-Bad launches a ruthless campaign of conquest designed to culminate in the eternal surrender of her heart, mind, body and soul.

Line: Exotika (Interracial), Paranormal Romance (Vampire)
Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Night of Sin
by Marilyn Lee

Ellora's Cave (Exotica)
August 1, 2008
Available: August 15, 2008
ISBN #1419917358
EAN #9781419917356
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