"Si'Ludo Sisters series continues with Joy's story"

Joy Collins, the youngest of three sisters, and next on Corbet Jenkins list of the three to try and claim. How is he doing it this time? Well not long after he took Joy's sister Hope, he started invading Joy's mind. With Hope out of his reach, Corbet now focuses all his power on getting Joy, and her dreams are his doorway. How can Joy resist? And to top it off her parents have asked Rand Worthington to stay with her and her older sister Faith.

Rand Worthington is assigned to protect Joy from Corbet Jenkins. First he has to figure out how Jenkins is getting to Joy. Also he has to find a way to fight his feelings for her, at least for now. To find out how Jenkins is getting to Joy though, Rand has to conquire a fear of his or at least deal with it slightly.

C.R. Moss once more brings the lives of her characters to life in Salvation. This is the second book in the Si'Ludo Sisters series, and the readers of book one, Deliverance, have already meet Corbet Jenkins and learned to hate, if not distrust him. They will once more enjoy Salvation, if for nothing else than to find out if Corbet Jenkins can finally tap into the Sisters' power. A good continuation of this series.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted May 23, 2009


Youngest sister, Joy Collins, endures erotic dreams spurned on by a disguised Corbet Jenkins who invades her mind. Corbet figures if he can't obtain the power he needs through Hope he'd get it via Joy. Sexually troubled by the dreams, Joy finds respite, enlightenment and salvation in the waking world in the arms of her protector, Rand Worthington.

Flame Rating: 4 Flames - Caution is advised.
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Timetravel

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(Si'Ludo Sisters: Book 2)
by C. R. Moss

eXtasy Books
July 1, 2008
Available: July 1, 2008
ISBN #1554870798
EAN #9781554870790
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