"Warriors and Vampires. Oh, My!"

Anna had decided to give in to Matt's advances if only to deal with the results of the erotic dreams she'd been having. In them, she was adored, stimulated, called Geliebite, Ragana "Beloved". It was enough to make any girl want some somehow. She meets a hunk who would be perfect, but she already has the evening planned and it doesn't include the hunky Corwyn. Nor does it include Jorg', the man at the bar who comes on to her as she's leaving. Anna has no clue. She doesn't know that Corwyn's father died protecting her. She doesn't know that Jorg is an elder vampire and she DEFINITELY doesn't know he wants her to bear Corwyn's child so that their child can bear the vampires' children when she comes of age!

In "Swordbearer Reborn" Corwyn and Anna find each other through battles with Veriel, the elder vampire and his warriors. Corwyn's family, along with others like them, have been sworn to fight against the vampires for eons. It is their duty and their honor to die in these battles. But then Anna becomes pregnant and Corwyn's life is changed by the fact that Jorg/Veriel will now come hunting for his wife and daughter, and he must do all he can to stop him.

"Hunter Born" tells the story of Jayde Albright, a lovely Vermont-raised girl/woman who is attacked one night by a vampire. She is saved by Talon Cross and taken away to a cabin far from her home. He explains to her that Corwyn Hunter has business with her but first she must be kept alive to meet him. Talon begins teaching Jayde to fight. She is a swift learner and all too ready to beat up someone - after all, she was taken to this place unconscious and vaguely remembers someone kissing her in a car on the way after babbling some crap to her in German. And just what is a Blutjagdfrau anyway? Jayde wants answers - right now!

Night Warriors: Book One was really a quick moving book. It caught me right at the beginning and just swept me up in the German-based warriors vs. vampire legends. The tales of the Hunter family and its member groups was fascinating and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes this genre. Since this is book 1, I am already wanting to read book 2 (hint, hint.....)

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted May 12, 2009


“For the extinction of the beasts that walk the night, we will give our life’s blood and our lives. Such is the curse that we were born to. Such is the duty we swear to. Such are the lives we lead.”

Unknown to humans, Night Warriors hunt the night, saving them from vampire-like creatures called beasts. When Corwyn Hunter saves Anna from the mad elder Veriel, he is irresistibly drawn to her as mate, but there is more to Anna than there seems. Veriel has fixated on her, claiming Anna is his wife, a situation she is at a loss to explain. Is Veriel truly mad or does he have a claim on Anna and her unborn child?

Whichever side ultimately claims Anna’s child will rise the victor. It is a battle neither side intends to lose, no matter the cost.

The warriors have avoided training a female for 1500 years, but the stone will not be denied. It is time for a change in the Warrior ranks.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic, Vampire, Fantasy
Heat Rating: 3 - Exclusive pairings and maybe multiple partners, toys, anal play, light bondage

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Night Warriors
(Night Warriors: Book 1)
by Brenna Lyons

April 1, 2009
Available: April 1, 2009
ISBN #1606591525
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