"Spellbinding and completely engrossing"

Erin Morgan is a nurse who just discovered that her employer was murdering people for their blood, though she didn't understand why. During her escape she's run off the road by a beast. Her life takes a stranger turn when she wakes to find a naked man on the hood of her car.

Jared saved Erin from the beast that ran her off the road while sacrificing his own existence in return. The two must battle the fallen creatures that are pursuing them, the poison that flows through Jared's veins making him want Erin's blood, and a bull dog sheriff who wants to arrest them.

The first line of the book had me hooked. Erin never once lost her upbeat positive outlook even when everything around her fell apart. She acknowledged that she probably took part in medical procedures that possibly took other people's lives, but she refused to let that defeat her. She wanted revenge and she wanted it now. Jennifer St. Giles created an amazing cast of characters. Erin had spunk in the face of danger and a true goodness that touched her outlook on everything she came across. Jared was the epitome of tortured souls. He lost everything important to him to save a woman, only to know that the creature she'd need the most protection from was him. He struggled with the confines of a mortal body, but quickly learned of the pleasures the body could hold. Jared desires her body as much as he struggles against his need for her blood.

The secondary characters added depth and intrigue to the tale. Emerald the psychic, Sam the bull dog sheriff, Aragon the tortured shadowmen, and Dr. Batista the protective doctor are engaging characters that all deserve tales of their own. The rag-tag group protects Erin and Jared and helps them realize their full potential. The bad guys weren't just bad, they were an abomination of all things holy. What Cinatas thought to do with blood will give me nightmares.

The world that Ms. St. Giles created is spellbinding and completely engrossing. Though there were times I struggled to follow the history, when I got it everything just fell into place. This is a tale where love truly does conquer all. I enjoyed every page of Touch a Dark Wolf and I can't wait to see what lies ahead in the mind of Jennifer St. Giles.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted April 30, 2009


In the arms of a shape shifter she found the most dangerous passion of all...

Among the principalities of the spirit world lies a band of warriors The Shadowmen of Shaddal and their elite Blood Hunters, men of greatness taken from one life and time to walk in another, to fight the darkness and the evil that stalk the souls of humanity. In an age where technology rules mind and men, these werewolves wield a greater power, ancient and timeless, the lore of Shaddal's magic. They are sworn to protect, defend, and conquer. They have known greatness. They know all things magical, but in their battle against the darkness, sometimes a warrior falls prey to the evil and their only salvation lies in this one thing they have never known, the magic and the power of love.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Fantasy


Touch a Dark Wolf
(The Shadowmen: Book 1)
by Jennifer St. Giles

Pocket Books
September 1, 2006
Available: August 29, 2006
ISBN #1416513329
EAN #9781416513322
384 pages
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