"I loved the word play, the foreplay and just the play in general"

Can ghosts make love? Jess didn't know but she sure as heck was going to give it her best shot. After finally finding her lost love 19 years after the car crash in which they both died, she didn't want any more time between them.

When Skeeter's son brought the wrecked TA out of the junkyard into the garage he was not a happy man. It had been his best friend's car and 19 years ago that friend and his girl had been killed in that car. But Scott was determined to rebuild it. One small issue: Jess is stuck in the Trans Am. Ramson "Ram" is able to float around when and wherever he chooses but Jess cannot leave the framework of the car. There has to be a way.....

This was a great book! I loved the word play, the foreplay and just the play in general. Skeeter and Diedre (Scott's mother) made mistakes as bad, if not as life-ending as Ram and Jess. Scott has the right and is of the age to make mistakes of his own. Someone always wins and someone has to lose. Who?

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted April 25, 2009


Ram and Jess haunt—and heat up—the old gas station in their small hometown. Each blames the other for their fatal accident, an incident which also drove their best friends to divorce. Spirit sex is great but they need to forgive each other and find a way to bring their friends back together.

But Skeeter and Deirdre Cooper may not have the chance to reunite before Death comes to call one of them. Parted by different life callings, they struggle to find the love that once meant everything…before it’s too late.

Meanwhile the Coopers’ son Scott is content with his laid-back lifestyle and determined not to repeat his parents’ mistakes. But his world is shaken by a beautiful stranger. Ashley is a successful career woman who loves big city life and yet she’s seduced by Scott’s sexy small-town charm. Will they go their separate ways or be lured together by the supernatural stimulation that charges the air around them?

Line: Twilight (Paranormal)
Series: None
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook

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Fill 'Er Up?
by Téa Trelawny

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
March 1, 2009
Available: March 13, 2009
ISBN #1419920383
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