"Calypso is not a Goddess to be taken lightly"

The West Indian Day parade was as close to Barbados as Eve Shayne thinks she will ever be. She knows nothing of her heritage, that she is a link to the lost treasure of Samuel Lord, the man who fell in love with and was loved by, the Goddess Calypso. Little does she know that someone is searching for her and, when found, she will be the final piece to his puzzle and if that piece fails to cooperate, she will die. If that happens, Calypso will rise and create sea storms never even imagined by humans.

Caleb McPherson is pissed. His father was murdered in the act of defending a relative of Calypso from discovery. All he wants is revenge; he doesn't want to join an "old man's club" who firmly believe like his father. He wants justice! This is part of the fairy tales told by his father when he was growing into manhood. Goddesses didn't really exist! However, he takes the challenge of protecting Eve in exchange for the chance to bring his father's murderer to justice. Caleb saves her from a kidnapping attempt, gains her trust and manages to convince her that she must go to Barbados to meet her destiny. (Did I mention she will turn into a living statue if she refuses?) All seems well but, of course; is not. Damien is ahead of them in Barbados, planning to kill Caleb and Eve as soon as the treasure is found.

This was a good, quick read. I truly enjoyed the descriptions of Barbados -- they made an ugly March day into something a lot better! The interplay between Samuel and Eve was definitely worth the reading and overall, it was just dandy!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted April 25, 2009


In only an instant Eve Shayne went from being the flag girl in the West Indian Day Parade to being hunted because of her blood. How was she to know that she was the last living descendant of the goddess Calypso? How was she to know her blood leads to the greatest treasure of the Caribbean island chain? Eve hears the call of her goddess grandmother and hears her warnings of betrayals. In her dreams she is told she has no choice but to accept her ancestor's powerful gifts even if she does not want them. Now in the face of danger she has a protector to keep her safe. Caleb McPherson will put his life on the line to save her from the man who will stop at nothing to find a treasure he covets more than anything in the world. Together the two of them must find a way to stop a madman's quest and a goddess from destroying the islands in the Caribbean sea. Will they be able to hold onto each other and the love that claimed their hearts throughout the coming storm?

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The Song Of Calypso
by Dahlia Rose

Sugar and Spice Press
March 1, 2009
Available: March 15, 2009
ISBN #1442119446
EAN #9781442119444
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