"Entertaining Short Story"

Missing hours, a compulsion to stare at the sky, voices in her head.... It was no wonder that Melinda's husband, Frank, thought Melinda was losing her mind. Melinda, a mother of five, goes into the barn one day to find a missing cat and in turn goes missing herself for three hours. As the days pass she starts hearing voices and dreaming of things so upsetting that she wakes up screaming. Agreeing to be admitted into the local hospital for evaluation and treatment, both which she thinks she doesn't need, Melinda soon discovers that it's not just the weird figures in her dreams that she must be wary of, but the doctor as well. Or are they just dreams? Melinda is positive that aliens are abducting her. She knows it is important to tell the world, but knows that no one will believe her. Something is coming. Something important is going to happen.

A story well written. It draws you in and keeps you there, making you wonder if the main character really is losing her mind, or if she really was abducted. You never really know until the end and it leaves you wishing the story would continue. I would definitely recommend this book.

Reviewed by Alicia Crider
Posted April 25, 2009


When Melinda begins to have strange visions, her husband Frank fears the worst and takes her to the local hospital. Once there, Melinda realizes her visions are real. Can she prepare earth for what is to come?

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Subtle Invasion
by Lynn Crain

Devine Destinies
March 1, 2009
Available: March 15, 2009
ISBN #1554870933
EAN #9781554870936
50 pages
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