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Dream Wreakers: Book 1

For seven months, Devon Bradshaw has been haunted by the heated presence of a man who watches over her while she sleeps. Frustrated by her inability to touch her dream lover, Devon and her best friend Tasha decide to cast a love spell designed to grant their hearts' desire. Though she initially doubts the spell's effectiveness, Devon soon realizes that the magic is real. Drained by the power of the spell, she succumbs to her fatigue, and in her dreams she is finally able to touch the one who visits her during the night. Crossing into the dream realm proves both thrilling and frightening for Devon as she indulges in the passion that has eluded her for months; however such an unnatural act comes at a price. Her night tripping activities are dangerous and unpredictable, but in the heat of the night Devon simply can't resist...and neither can the man of her dreams.

Cael Oneiros is Devon's Dream Wreaker. Descended from Greek Gods, Cael is duty bound to guard the dream realm ensuring that humans reach the crucial dream state. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained to prevent chaos and that depends on humans obtaining the proper quality of sleep. Desire claims Cael when Devon becomes one of his mortal charges, though he knows he can not touch her. But when she rises from her bed one night able to see him fully, he can't deny the force of the attraction. Devon possesses a power that she is unaware of and her abilities are growing every day. The spell she cast has bound him to her so completely that Cael can't tend to his other charges plunging the town's residents into a sleepless anarchy. Devon and Tasha realize they may have tampered with things best left alone, but the magic is not so easily undone. The air of supernatural evil leaves them unsure of who to trust as Devon grows suspicious of Cael. Time is running out and if order isn't restored soon Devon's love spell may cost her the two people she loves most of all.

WHAT SHE WANTS AT MIDNIGHT is a good paranormal romance that unfortunately suffers from the lack of a strong plot. Kimberly Dean does a great job crafting her characters and I would have loved to see how the story would have played out with a true "menace" to defeat. For me, Devon and Cael's obstacles to love were a tad weak which resulted in my indifference about their Happily Ever After and that's a real shame. That said, I am always intrigued with stories that feature dream warriors and Dean's follow up novel, IN HER WILDEST DREAMS looks very promising. It is next on my reading list. Despite its flaws, WHAT SHE WANTS AT MIDNIGHT is an entertaining read and it kept me engaged right up until the last chapter.

It also made me think twice about missing out on a good night's sleep!

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted April 23, 2009


The man of Devon Bradshaw’s dreams is exactly that—in her dreams.

For the past seven months, he’s been watching her with dark haunting eyes while she sleeps. Though she yearns to caress those finely etched muscles and feel the intense heat radiating from his body, she can’t even see his face.

Still, when her spunky best friend Tasha suggests a love spell to break their real-life man drought, Devon has some doubts. But if she can’t snuggle up to her sexy sandman soon, she’ll go crazy.

With a little mandrake, some mugwort, and a few rose petals, Devon finally has her long luscious legs wrapped around his silky body—and the sex is steamier than any she could have dreamed up. But her magic didn’t come with a warning label, and now that she’s satisfied, no one around her can sleep, including Tasha.

Insomnia drives the city into violent chaos, and Tasha is slipping into madness. Then Devon runs into her mysterious lover in the real world, and she begins to wonder . . . is her dream come true really as good as she thinks it is?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Magic, Erotic

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What She Wants at Midnight
(Dream Wreakers: Book 1)
by Kimberly Dean

Simon & Schuster (Pocket Books)
March 1, 2008
Available: March 11, 2008
ISBN #1416547452
EAN #9781416547457
320 pages
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