"can love soothe the savage beast?"

Part two of Blood & Sex takes us farther into the soul and mind of Jonas - singer, club owner now that Michael has become the padrone of the vampires and also holder of another, more violent part of himself called Luciano. Jonas lives alone in a pool house beside the vampires' mansion because no one really trusts Luciano to behave and not go on a rampage.

When Michael hears from Khalil that a scientist has developed a serum to make humans heal as fast as vampires and that the Agent, a werewolf group, is out to take the serum and kill its creator, he sends Jonas, who can unleash Luciano in a micro-second should the need arise. Jonas is very willing to go but has no idea that the scientist is none other than the woman he met at his club - Elena. Elena was dragged along to her co-worker's bachelorette party but Jonas made sure she left safely when the others had too much to drink. He had vowed to never see her again because she made him feel something he had thought forgotten centuries ago. To keep her safe, he must take the change of letting Luciano loose and hope he doesn't kill her.

Surprise - Luciano actually likes Elena - a lot. She seems to bring his two warring sides into balance and they will need that as he tries to get her back to Michael and the others, to protect her from her ex-boyfriend (werewolf Agent) who wants the serum far more than he wants Elena. Tori, Michael's lover and detective, has a lot of cleaning up to do and many lies to tell to keep the humans from realizing that some of the monsters in their nightmares are real. And Jonas risks all he has to keep Elena alive for himself and for Luciano's redemption.

What a good story! Better than the first in many ways and I read through it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Here's hoping for part three soon - Ms. Cameron is on a roll!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted April 18, 2009


Jonas Luciano is the new owner of The Dungeon, a newly renovated, vampire-themed bondage and blood club. He also has his hands full protecting Michael, the new padrone of the Italian vampiro cosca in Collins Bay, Florida. He is perfectly content to carry out Michael's orders and scramble the brain of anyone who threatens their safety. But protecting Tori, Michael's drop-dead sexy new compagna, is proving dangerous to his self-control. His lust becomes more powerful every night he is with her... Dr. Elena Jensen is an immunohematologist with DIACorp, the world's leading medical research facility. Poised to culminate her life's work, she's on the eve of a speech to announce the groundbreaking discovery of a new immune system booster for humans that will revolutionize the medical industry (and the lives of every human on earth). Elena and Jonas's worlds couldn't be farther apart. But when the Council discovers a plot to kidnap Elena and the formula, Jonas jumps at the chance to become her guardian angel- and get away from his family. Will Jonas manage to protect Elena from the Bureau without breaking the Alleanza? Or will Elena's obstinacy be enough to drive the dominating beast out of the shadows?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Vampire
Theme(s): BDSM

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(Blood and Sex: Volume 2)
by Angela Cameron

Ravenous Romance
March 1, 2009
Available: March 3, 2009
ISBN #1607771330
EAN #9781607771333
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