"Lots of Sex! Funny! Lots of sex! Faeries!! Sex!!"

Sundown, Inc. is a collection of four stories by Cat Marsters, a very interesting woman if her fiction is any clue. It seems Sundown, Inc. is a group comprised of a wizard, a sex fae, a lovely vampire and a werewolf mother of three. Go figure....

"She Who Dares" is a tale of Masila, an Egyptian-age vampire who is assigned an assassination. Not just anyone, mind you; a soldier she remembers from her teen years who has followed her through the ages in hopes of winning her love. Will she break her contract and save Dare's life? Or will he lose his head and her love?

"Blue Moon", a short novel of Magda, mother of three who is attacked one night at full moon. Her attacker is like her but not...he is a loup ga'rou - a possessed werewolf who has no memory of the three days every month he is a berserker. Does Magda dare trust Elek with her children? Is there a way to break his curse? Does wizard Con have a plan and if he does, will it work???

In "What Wizards Want", the afore-mentioned Con breaks a fish float he is using as a crystal ball since he; well, broke that, too. He doesn't know it has imprisoned a human pirate for over 300 years and that Lily, sexy enough when young, hasn't been around a man in all that time. They stand up to a royal of the Unseelie Court with the help of Aura, sex fae that she is, and sail off to find not only Lily's treasure but possible love in Barbados.

And then we have Aura, sex fae extraordinaire. In "Baby Sham Faery" one of her best friends is the only surviving royal of the Seelie Court and the world will lose its seasons if he doesn't produce an heir. No problem! Wrong!!! Ell is over the top, flamingly gay. His lover the centaur Tadgh, however, is bi and that is all it will take to set Aura off on a grand plan to find Ell a girlfriend. Not as easy as it sounds...

This was....interesting...I actually thought the stories were hysterically funny for the most part but - brace yourself! - I thought there was too much sex. While I certainly like a sexy tale as much as anyone, this was overdone. That said, I would really like to read some more about Sundown, Inc.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted April 18, 2009


Paranormal investigations. Information, assassination, negotiation. No task too strange, no job too big.

Undead assassins are one thing, but for Masika the job turns tough when her latest target is the one man who tried to save her -- twenty-three centuries ago. For Magda, life is full enough with three small children and a job that brings new meaning to "full time," but being a werewolf in love makes it just that little bit harder. Con may not be the world's greatest wizard, but he's just conjured a naked pirate queen on his hearthrug. And sex faery Aura has fallen in love with her best friend -- but he and his boyfriend have plans of their own for her.

Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Werewolves, Magic and Mayhem
Series: Sundown, Inc.
Length: Collection

Note:This collection contains the previously released novellas She Who Dares, Blue Moon, What Wizards Want, and Baby Sham Faery Love.

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Sundown, Inc. (Collection)
(Sundown, Inc: Books 1-4)
by Cat Marsters

Changeling Press
April 1, 2009
Available: April 3, 2009
ISBN #1605211702
EAN #9781605211701
257 pages
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