"Are her dreams her imagination or her memories?"

Cat, a young seventeen year old moves in with her grandmother after the unexpected and shocking death of her parents. Once there, her grandmother reminds her of nightmares she suffered from when she was younger, centering around an old mirror in her room. Barely over the shock of her parents death, Cat begins having intense dreams of a younger version of herself in strange settings where magic, faeries, and even unicorns are real. She steps through the mirror into a world called Infinity. This new world is linked to ours, if it dies so will ours. Every one hundred years a new light bearer must be chosen to maintain the balance between good and evil. Cat wonder if these dreams are her imagination or her memories?

Once Cat arrives safely in Infinity, she is told her memories of Infinity were blocked and her grandmother was supposed to restore them. Instead all Cat has, is bits and pieces without context and out of order. Everything in Infinity is confusing, including the fact that no one helps anyone without payment. Evil is overtaking compassion on "this" world.

On her first day in Infinity, Cat is kidnapped while on her way to become a priestess of the Light.

Her rescuer is Raven. A very handsome prince, who Cat has memories of, both good and bad. Raven becomes her partner as she trains for the duties of a priestess - but can she trust him?

Cat knows her feelings for Raven are growing, but after many incidents and accidents, Cat is never quite sure who she can trust. She has memories of Raven but she discovers even more memories of Phalantis, a member of the Fae. Phalantis and Raven are at odds with each other, seemingly over her but she just can't remember why.

Cat's confusion is very real. Who is she? What type of person was her younger self? Is she pure enough to be not only a priestess but to bear the light? What happened to her? Most importantly, why do they keep calling her the wrong name?

This is a story of a young woman's quest to find the truth, both hers and Infinity's. The world building was very well done. You can feel Cat's confusion, as the story is jumbled in with her memories. Since Cat doesn't receive them in any order, it was also confusing to this reader. All of the secondary characters held great appeal and depth. I thoroughly enjoyed Cat learning the difference between lust and a loving relationship, and Cat's growth from a sometimes spoiled child to a woman, compassionate, loving and self sacrificing.

Reviewed by Angie Gipson
Posted April 7, 2009


After the sudden death of her parents, Cat moves in with her grandmother and from then on, she experiences weird dreams involving the old mirror in her room. Dreams that are so vivid, they almost feel real and in a matter of days, her dreams become reality. Forced to cross over the magical mirror, she is thrown into a world of fairies and legends where nothing is what it seems. Unknown enemies want her dead, while numerous allies foresee her as Infinity’s savior. All Cat wants is to return home but before she can, she has to follow the trail an ancient queen has left her and save Infinity from ultimate destruction.

Can she survive the dangerous world of fairies and overcome the evil force menacing both our worlds?

Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult

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The Priestess Of Infinity
by Ana Star

Mystic Moon Press
August 1, 2008
Available: August 1, 2008
ISBN #0981885748
EAN #9780981885742
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