"He Had Saved Her Life...but could she love him?"

Detective Victoria "Tori" Tyler knew she was in trouble the minute she found the key on the dead girl's body. The Scene was owned by a powerful vampire that no one wished to get on the wrong side of. "Vampiro involvement was one thing, but The Scene was out of her league. She'd have to call in some help. She shivered at the thought. Those walking leeches couldn't be trusted, not one of them, but going into that club without a dominatore was just plain asking for it. She was the only unbound human in the city with knowledge of them. She didn't plan to become one of their mindless goons anytime soon."

That meant she had to ask Michael for help. Michael who had killed her fiance Robert (although Robert was trying to kill Tori at the time) and had saved her life somehow. She had a dandy scar to show for that. But, somewhere deep inside, there was a bit of gladness that she had the excuse to see him again. It had been several years but she had never forgotten him. Her job depends on finding the killer but she knows her boss isn't going to like what they find - she can sense it.

Michael's nightclub was safer than The Scene; even if it did have Jonas as the entertainment. Jonas, who could sing any emotion into you he wanted. Jonas was a walking orgasm waiting to happen but he wasn't in charge - that was Michael's job. Michael who cared more for Tori than he (or she) could imagine.

This book was an easy read and a good one. I sort of felt at the beginning that I was reading part two, not part one, due to inferences made by the author to past events but it didn't detract too much and it was a wild ride through Tori's days looking for a murderer. I will be looking forward to reading the rest of the series because I know I'm going to have to read them when they come out!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted April 3, 2009


A totally original—and spinechillingly sexy—tale of a vampire Mafia and the detective who is determined to bring it to justice…

Detective Victoria Tyler is investigating Collins Bay’s new serial killer, one of the city’s vampires. Since they have marked her as a human to be killed or conquered, Tori knows that Michael is her only hope for survival. But she hasn’t spoken to him since the night she tried to kill him.

As the enforcer for the Italian vampiro cosca, Michael expects a certain amount of cooperation from his boss. That amount has been shrinking ever since their leader took a new sadist lover. So when the detective requests his help, it’s just the excuse he needs to take control of the city—and the delicious human.

Risking it all, Tori agrees to let Michael take her neck and lead her on a journey through a world of bondage, domination and blood to stop the killer. But can she resist the dark lusts he sparks? Or will her weakness get someone else killed?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Vampire
Theme(s): BDSM

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(Blood & Sex: Vol. 1)
by Angela Cameron

Ravenous Romance
January 1, 2009
Available: January 7, 2009
ISBN #160777111X
EAN #9781607771111
177 pages
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