"The Si' Ludo series is an unexpected treasure"

A note of warning: This is a series review so subsequent reviews may contain spoilers for the previous books in the series.

Deliverance: Book 1
It seemed that all Hope's dreams were coming true. The love of her life, Rhys, proposed and was going to ask her father for her hand in marriage. She couldn't have been happier. However, that night Rhys doesn't show up and she finds herself suddenly married to another man. A cruel man, who will stop at nothing to have the perfect submissive wife.

Unbeknownst to Hope, the man holding her as his wife is really an alien out to steal her power for his own evil plans. Rhys, her one true love, finds her after she escapes, but not all is as it seems with Rhys either. He is Hope's protector. As the two fall in love, she becomes enlightened to who she really is.

Every once in a while I'll read a story that completely takes me away. From start to finish this book was engrossing. It captivated my attention and refused to let it go. The interaction between all the characters made you want to get to know them better. From the overbearing father, to the flakey sister, even the big bad Cor made you want to keep reading. When it ended, I wished I could dig deeper into their world. Thank goodness there's a book two.

The things Hope endures are shocking and yet only further her resolve to find the one she loves. With each act of cruelty she becomes stronger. When she finally unleashes her passion with Rhys, they are consumed by the heat. Deliverance by C.R. Moss has a little bit for everyone; a great romance, a smidgen of sci fi, and Vegas strippers. You just can't go wrong with that.

Salvation: Book 2
This is the second installment of the Si'Ludo Sisters. After her sister is abducted, Joy begins to have disturbing nightmares. The nightmares involve her mind and body being manipulated to pleasure the man in her nocturnal prison. Rand is Joy's protector, though she has no idea who he really is. He can't do anything except wait for her to remember her past in a process known as the enlightenment. He begins to worry about the cause of her nightmares, thinking it could be their enemy Cor. The same man who abducted Joy's sister. Rand learns the ability to enter dreams to save Joy from Cor. As Joy begins to go through her enlightenment, her love for Rand grows.

This story explained more history of the sisters. It also told more of the pitfalls they would face if their protectors fail. C.S. Moss isn't afraid to carry the tale as far as it needs to go. Not only do Joy and Rand define dreams and fantasy but a connection that transcends worlds and lifetimes. I find myself wanting to know more about the world the characters come from, and I want to know more about the recurring bad guy. Cor is twisted, but captivating just the same. Toward the end, I almost felt sorry for the man who went so far in an attempt to ruin the lives of not one but two women. C.S. Moss's ability to make the characters come alive for the readers is a talent indeed.

Salvation delivers a powerful read that is both engaging and exhilarating. It is the small details that make this story remarkable. C.S. Moss gives you enough to be satisfied, but some things are so good you want more anyway.

Atonement: Book 3
With the third Si'Ludo Sisters tale, it picks up right where the second one left off. Faith is having a rotten birthday. Everyone forgot about it, including her sisters who share the day with her. Everyone is so busy preparing for Hope and Joy's double wedding. Faith begins to wonder if she'll ever meet the man made for her. While her sisters go shopping for wedding things, Faith does some shopping of her own at her friend's store. She runs into a man who is a dead ringer for Cor, the man who kidnapped and abused her sisters. Gaven is Cor's half brother, and he's Faith's lifemate. Gaven hopes that the amount of time that has passed will be enough to get Faith to forgive him for what happened in the past.

As with the previous installments, Atonement by C.S. Moss is a vivid tale that combines strong sexual elements with fantasy and a love that beats both time and space. Cor sees Faith as his last ditch effort to gain what he feels is his due. Faith is such a strong, in your face character that Cor's hesitation to go after her just proves he has some sense after all. The culmination of events and the sisters uniting really brings out the story line of this book. It just couldn't have gone a better way. I thoroughly enjoyed Gaven as her lifemate, he just suited her.

An added bonus to this tale is the transferring of secrets, I'll be disappointed anytime anyone ever whispers a secret in my ear again. Atonement lived up to the two before it and surpassed them both. C.S. Moss has created a delightful world with flawed and wonderful people, and villains that keep you entertained until the very end.

The Redeemer: Book 4
The Redeemer is Cor's story. Those familiar with the Si' Ludo sister's tales know Cor as the bad guy. He kidnapped Hope, keeping her as a slave to his sexual pleasures. Then, when he failed with Hope, he infiltrated Joy's dreams. Again he failed and thought he'd finally found his chance with Faith. When his blatant trickery failed with Faith, he found himself banished from his kingdom, exiled to a land of ice and branded a slave. The punishments took a proud, misguided bad guy and humbled him. Avalena is the mistress that Cor now has to submit to.

I couldn't be more excited to read Cor's tale. He was a character that I just couldn't let go of when I read the previous stories. C.R. Moss has such a gift when it comes to character development, I had a crush on the bad guy! Watching him humbled for his past crimes, accepting his own flaws and understanding his own perceptions made him the best hero yet. Avalena had her own agenda, but saw the true person in Cor. Their love grew despite the baggage that they both carried.

The Si' Ludo tales are filled with real characters to connect with. They are flawed and thoroughly lovable. There are so many levels to each tale that I didn't want the story to end. It takes a real ability to make someone want to read more after a story has ended. The Redeemer lacked nothing; a powerful love story, betrayal, humbling punishments, and hot sex. C.R. Moss has a fan in me.

The Si' Ludo series by C.R. Moss is an unexpected treasure. With characters that are evolved, you'll find yourself rooting for the bad guy that you hated in the beginning. Each tale offers a fast paced, sexually charged, entertaining read that explores the bonds of love. A love so extraordinary that it transcended through time and space. From the first story, to the fourth, the background story grows. As more of the tale unravels, a new world appears and by the end you want to be a part of it. C.R. Moss wrote four engaging and powerful books, and I'd like nothing more than for her to write four more!

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted March 31, 2009


Deliverance – Middle sister, Hope Collins, is in love with Rhys Mochrie. Rhys has involved himself with the Collins' family to protect Hope, because she has powers beneficial to his and his enemy's peoples. Plans go awry and Hope is kidnapped by Rhys's foe, Corbet Jenkins, can she be delivered from the evil before it's too late?

Salvation – Youngest sister, Joy Collins, endures erotic dreams spurned on by Corbet Jenkins who invades her mind. Cor figures if he can’t obtain the power he needs through Hope he’ll get it via Joy. Sexually troubled by the dreams, Joy finds respite, enlightenment and salvation in the waking world in the arms of her protector, Rand Worthington.

Atonement – Faith, the oldest sister of the Collins clan, feels left out now that her sisters have found their partners. Escaping her family, she camps on her friend’s property to find solitude and solace, but instead is forced to face herself, her past and her lifemate, Gaven. Cor finds her in the woods and decides it’s time to take the final sister. Can Gaven save Faith before Cor claims her for his own?

Only available in the print edition
The Redeemer – Avalena is stuck working and overseeing a slave caste on the ice planet Taru. When a new slave, sent by the king she hates, comes into her fold, her life changes irrevocably. Can she stay strong and dole out the slave’s punishment commanded by the king or will she succumb to the handsome slave’s charms and finally have to use the power she’s kept secret for so long?

Genre: Erotic Romance, Time Travel, Sci-Fi

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The Mystics
(Si'Ludo Sisters trilogy: Books 1, 2 and 3)
by C. R. Moss

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