"Charlotte Boyett-Compo comes through with another great story!"

Commander Sierran Morgan just could not carry out his general's orders, so now he has no other option than to endure the madman's punishment. After having the skin whipped off his back, he's been thrown in the dungeon. His only hope is a trial. Of course, when he's brought out of his cell, he knows that hope is gone for one of the general's cronies is sitting in judgment. It comes as no surprise to Sierran when he's remanded to the custody of the DungeonMaster of Dragonmoor—Lord Charles Henry Allen. The only way anyone leaves Dragonmoor is feet first.

As the only brother of the Justonian king, Lord Charles' peculiarities are not spoken of. See, Lord Charles is the DungeonMaster for a good reason—he can keep a prisoner alive for months and months while torturing them. The only person Lord Charles loves is his daughter, Lady Anna Celeste, or Celeste as she prefers to be called. Young, having just turned sixteen, Celeste is a prisoner in Dragonmoor. She lives in a suite of rooms in a tower and is only allowed to leave them when accompanied by her father. The only time she can eat in the dining area is when she is with her father, and then she never sees any of the servants. Lord Charles plans on keeping Celeste as pure as the day she was born. No man will ever have Celeste, for when he dies, he already has her future planned out her, not that he'll tell her those plans.

Well, Sierran's men are not going to allow their commander to die in the DungeonMaster's care. So once the general has been taken care of, his men storm Dragonmoor and manage to take control. When they find Lord Charles in the company of his daughter, they use her to get Lord Charles to lead them to Sierran. Now Celeste had no idea her father had a dungeon, much less that he tortures people. So when she sees Sierran, she is shocked, to say the least. The poor man is tied to a stone slab and has cuts all over his chest and arms. Celeste immediately tries to do what she can to help Sierran and orders a well padded cart with satin coverlets to move him. They take Sierran, Lord Charles and Celeste to Sierran's ship, where they plan to sail to the island where Sierran has his home. On the way to Sierran's home, he decides to marry Celeste as the two of them begin to care for each other and ultimately fall in love.

Of course, when they get to the island, everything does not go according to plan when they find Sierran's older brother there. He demands Sierran accompany him to their father's home—the same home Sierran has never seen. Turns out Sierran's father has married Sierran by proxy to the Widow Summerall because he wants her lands. Now Sierran has to consummate the marriage in order for his father to gain the widow's lands. Not surprisingly, Sierran declines the invitation and his men send his brother on his way.

Will Sierran's family accept his refusal to help the family out? Even though they've never treated Sierran as part of the family? Will they come up with some way to get Sierran to consummate the marriage? What of Lord Charles? What will Sierran do with him? And how will Celeste feel about that?

THE WYNDMASTER'S LADY is a fantastic story of betrayal, madness and love. Once again Charlotte Boyett-Compo proves her talent as a weaver of wonderful tales. As always with Charlotte's stories, we see just how terrible one man can treat another. To compensate for this, we also have a love meant to be. This story took me through a gamut of emotions, from anger to the way Sierran is abused, to humor with some of the things Celeste comes out with. And I love the ending. Pure poetic justice. As with all of Charlotte Boyett-Compo's works, I highly recommend this story. I love Charlotte's work, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted March 31, 2009


Sierran Morgan is a man living on borrowed time but Anna Celeste Allen is the key to keeping him alive.

Thrown into the dungeon of a madman, Commander Sierran Morgan does not expect to survive his encounter. Tortured brutally, he knows he is living on borrowed time. When he is rescued by his men, Sierran will garner his revenge on the dungeon master by taking the man and his innocent daughter hostage. The last thing he counted on was Anna Celeste Allen’s willingness to help him heal from her father’s vicious abuse.

Anna Celeste had been a virtual prisoner in her own home all her life. She was never to know a home and family of her own though her fevered dreams were filled with daring knights coming to rescue her.

Falling in love with Anna wasn’t something Sierran planned but he falls hard for the beautiful young woman. On board his ship, he takes Anna as his bride amd vows to give her all her father had denied her. But when he returns home, he is stunned to learn his family had married him by proxy to his father’s mistress so they could gain an inheritance Sierran never wanted.

With one wife he’ll fight to keep and another he would rather die than touch, Sierran’s life will never be the same.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novel

Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence, graphic torture.

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The WyndMaster's Lady
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Samhain Publishing
February 1, 2007
Available: February 20, 2007
ISBN #1599982412
EAN #9781599982410
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