"A truly excellent Human/selkie romance - the 3rd in an incredible series!"

The sea king, Llyr, had long ago given in to the lure of the sea leaving his son, prince Conn with the responsibility for the children of the sea. Conn had kept an iron rein on himself, denying himself both the pleasure of "the change" and that of the flesh as well in order to keep Sanctuary and his people safe. The children of the sea had grown fewer and fewer in number and their magic had grown weak, while the children of fire had grown stronger and opposed the creator, the children of air and human kind. The children of land and sea had been neutral until recently when a fire demon had murdered a selkie woman and injured another in World's End, Maine. The children of fire had hoped that the blame for these crimes would fall upon the humans, thus bringing the children of the sea into the war as their allies. Conn had sent the last selkie child born, Dylan Hunter, to World's End to spy and report, but Dylan had not returned.

Lately what remained of Conn's magic had produced visions that he could no longer ignore. They would lead him half a world away to that very place where he would find the woman whose face haunts him --- Lucy Hunter, daughter of Atargatis and perhaps his peoples' only hope for survival. Prophecy foretold that a daughter of the sea witch would change the balance between the elementals forever.

Police Chief Caleb Hunter had learned of his mixed heritage that summer when he'd rescued the beautiful selkie Maggie from a fire demon attack and had fallen in love with her. Then the prodigal brother, Dylan Hunter, had returned. Caleb was fully human while Dylan was selkie like their mother. Dylan had fallen for a human woman and had chosen to stay in World's End with her and her son. Both women were pregnant and because of the prophecy, susceptible to fire demon attack. Dylan's love, Regina, had already been attacked twice. Believing their baby sister, Lucy, to be fully human and unattached the Hunter men had chosen to keep her in the dark about their heritage, focusing on their women and unborn children instead.

But Lucy isn't completely "normal" either. Though she had tried several times to leave her island home, she had been unable to go more than twenty miles from the sea she both loved and feared. She'd become violently ill each time and had reconciled herself to living and working in the tourist town where she'd grown up. Being the daughter of the town drunk she's also learned to keep a low profile and as a result was practically invisible to the men in town. When the powerfully built and handsome Conn approaches her in the school garden, her first instinct is to run. But when she realizes the magnetic stranger is sporting her brother Dylan's best suit, she does not know what to make of it and takes him home to her family.

Though the situation is dire at World's End, Conn's first concern is for his people. While he also believes Lucy to be human, she possesses a certain allure and a strong magic which he needs to help him keep his people safe. Because Lucy fears the sea and loves her family she would never come willingly. Oh yes, she was strongly attracted to Conn, desired him in fact, and Conn was not above using his seductive powers and a little of his magic to get his way. Thus, Lucy finds herself half a world away from home in Sanctuary with creatures she'd only thought existed in fairy tales. Torn between duty and desire, Conn must win Lucy over. A delegation from Hell is on the way to meet with him and having Lucy on his side might very well determine the fate of his people.

Gau and the children of fire are aware of the threat Lucy poses to the balance among the elementals. Could she be the daughter foretold by the prophecy? Knowing full well that Lucy's love is divided between her family and the selkie prince, the fire demons will force Lucy to make an untenable choice. Who will she attempt to save, her people or his?

Oh this was a marvelous coming of age story, and the best in a truly excellent paranormal romance series. This book had it all, passion, magic, conflict and a truly amazing heroine. Shy Lucy whom everyone had sheltered and protected rises to the occasion with courage and strength, I dare say surprising all including the reader! Of course there are other surprises in store as well, but I won't spoil the fun by mentioning them. I truly hope that this Hunter siblings' trilogy will not be the end of the Children of the Sea tales. Since the novella "Sea Crossing" in the anthology SHIFTER dealt with a previous human/selkie generation, I'm hoping to see the next generation of Hunters grow up and fall in love. Of course Caleb, Dylan, and Lucy must survive this adventure in order for that to occur. I highly suggest reading SEA LORD to discover whether or not they do.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted March 23, 2009



One family. Three loves that will change their lives . . . and whose destiny could change the world.

For centuries, the children of the sea have co-existed in uneasy peace with their fellow elementals, the children of fire. Now that balance of power is tested as three siblings born of a human father and a selkie mother become embroiled in an ancient rivalry.

Follow their stories: Caleb, the soldier, who returns from the desert to fall in love with a woman from the sea ; Dylan, the loner, who must choose between the freedom of his mother's kind and the bonds of mortal love; and Lucy, the dreamer, whose heart and fate are tangled with the sea king's son .

Set off the coast of Maine, the Children of the Sea series was inspired by the Celtic legends of the selkie, immortal creatures of the sea living apart from humankind but able to shape-shift into seductive human form.

SEA LORD: Lucy's story

He was born of the sea...

Selkie prince Conn ap Llyr denies his deeply sensual nature to rule over the immortal Children of the Sea. But when the Children of Fire threaten the Selkies’ Sanctuary, Conn must obey his haunting visions—and seek a woman thousands of miles away...

She was born on land...

Schoolteacher Lucy Hunter knows nothing about her Selkie heritage or the prophecy that drives Conn to find her. She is content with her life on the quiet Maine island of World’s End. That is, until a proud, compelling stranger appears to challenge her assumptions and awaken her desires…

Their love will tear them between two worlds…

To combat Fire, Conn needs Lucy's magic -- even if this means stealing her away to Sanctuary. As the demon threat grows, so does their passion, overcoming Lucy's fears and Conn's guarded heart. But soon they face a devastating choice. Will their love be enough to save them? Or will their destinies tear them apart?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Mermaid, Fantasy


  1. Sea Crossing (Prequel) from SHIFTER anthology
  2. Shifting Sea (Prequel) from BURNING UP anthology
  3. Sea Witch
  4. Sea Fever
  5. Sea Lord
  6. Immortal Sea

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Sea Lord
(The Children of the Sea: Book 3)
by Virginia Kantra

Berkley Pub Group
May 1, 2009
Available: May 5, 2009
ISBN #0425226360
EAN #9780425226360
304 pages
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