"How had she managed to summon a werewolf? She couldn't even summon her cat!"

Princess Ava Valentine was not having a good day; to begin with a demon tries to choke her and the rest of her day only got worse. Then she is saved by a man with some interesting tattoos, a man her grandmother refers to as an abomination - but who was actually a werewolf. It just figures - she's managed to summon a werewolf; She couldn't even summon her cat!

The werewolf, Aaron by name, was a definite hunk. A wet panty, nasty thoughts hunk and when he decides to do more than guard Ava's body, fireworks happen.

Werewolves have been watching over Ava her entire life at her late parents' request. Even though her Grandmother doesn't think of them - at all - as she thinks they are beneath her. She doesn't approve of anyone but witches watching other witches.

This short story covered a lot of territory in its fifty pages. Ava is much more than an apprentice witch and Aaron, well, let's just say he is totally into the protect Ava mindset.

The Craft of the Wise was an entertaining read and the only draw back I felt was the length. This book could however be the first part to Finding the Book of Shadows, lots of little witchy-wolves running around, etc. Ms. Carney did a great job and I would definitely read more from her.

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted March 18, 2009


Novice witch Ava Valentine's first run-in with a demon almost ends in her demise until a fierce werewolf steps in to save her. Pledged in loyalty to the coven's princess, Aaron Remington will do what it takes to protect her. After falling for Ava, he realizes he's willing to pledge not just his life, but also his soul. When the true meaning behind her rank in the coven is revealed, Aaron and Ava must stand side by side to fight the menace that stalks her or lose their growing love - and possibly their lives - in exchange.

Genre: Contemporary Werewolf Urban Fantasy Romance series
Heat rating: 3 Novas - Exclusive pairings and maybe multiple partners, toys, anal play, light bondage
Length: Photon (15K words)

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Book of Shadows
(Craft of the Wise: Book 1)
by Dee Carney

February 1, 2009
Available: February 22, 2009
ISBN #1606591282
EAN #9781606591284
50 pages
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