"I have never met a funnier or more charming vampire than Dell!"

Dell is a vampire and also an agent in the Preternatural Special Forces. Dell is a young vampire, at only twenty five, and he is also very powerful and well trained. His next mission is a double. He has to do a huge drug bust in Las Vegas with his new partner, Alex. Alex may be Sophie, one of the Chosen, and Dell must discover her true identity, keep her safe, and bring her home, all the while maintaining their cover in the drug bust.

Sounds serious, doesn't it? I thought so! Imagine my delight and surprise when I discovered that this story is told by Dell, and his commentary brought about several amusing scenes and loads of charm in the most unexpected places. Although he is a vampire, he doesn't sound or act like I expected, making Dell quite a refreshing change of pace.

Alex also seemed to be a contradiction. She is a tough lady as an agent, wielding her gun; she is also breathtakingly beautiful and outspoken, yet she is a virgin and extremely shy in some sexual situations and bold in others. I never knew quite what to expect from her, but I knew that it would be good.

Dell's and Alex's mission in Las Vegas started out huge and seemed to promise lots of action, but kind of sputtered out under the heat of Dell and Alex and the test that confirmed who Alex truly is. There were also a couple other small things happening here and there, which dealt more with Dell's family history and not much with Dell and Alex. However, through it all, Samantha Somersby kept the passion and Dell's witty commentary up, making this an excellent read that I am highly recommending. Bravo!

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted March 15, 2009


Experience the magic…

Twenty-five years ago Dell Renfield’s father started a revolution. Dell plans to finish it. Sorcerer, sexy vampire, secret weapon, he’s spent his entire life training for what he believes to be his fate. The one deterrent he isn’t equipped for? Special Agent Alexandria Sanchez.

Alex is quick-witted, hot-tempered, and strikingly beautiful. Normally focused on getting the job done, she’s completely unprepared for her new partner, Dell, and his mysterious ability to drive her to distraction.

Posing as lovers, Alex and Dell infiltrate a dangerous culture where the macabre seems mundane and passion is power. Unable to deny their attraction or resist temptation they begin a journey, entering into a torrid affair that will forever change their destiny.

An age-old secret, a consort held hostage, a curse demanding to be broken, and an unforgettable battle with a mercenary master mage will have you holding your breath. Let Samantha Sommersby lead you into a world like no other, a world where vampires are real, where magic is possible, and where love still conquers all.

Indulge in the Forbidden, because sometimes giving in to temptation can be a good thing.

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The Revolution
(Forbidden: Book 3)
by Samantha Sommersby

Linden Bay Romance
February 1, 2008
Available: February 1, 2008
ISBN #1602020906
EAN #9781602020900
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