"Book Two of the Heart of Justice Series"

Celeste Rice's aunt that raised her after her parents death dies, leaving Celeste her home. Celeste feels like it is the perfect time to make changes in her life and takes some chances, so she moves back to her hometown after being gone for 10 years. Those chances include finding out exactly what good sex is preferably with Mick MacGilvary.

She and Mick share a troubled past and an undying friendship. When they were teenagers, Mick saved her from an attempted rape, becoming her knight in shining armor forever. Ten years ago, she ran from herself and from Mick, scared of the potential for violence she saw in him.

Mick is now a member of the elite SWAT team living life on the edge of danger and violence. Celeste's life has been torn apart over and over by violence and as much as she hungers for Mick, she can't let go of her fears for his safety.

Mick has even greater concerns for Celeste's safety as her ex-boyfriend, Darrell, has followed her home, stalking her every move. Darrell is a well respected psychologist, relishing his descent into evil, becoming a true sociopath. After Mick confronts him, Darrell ups his deadly game of cat and mouse. If Darrell has his way, Celeste will end up his or dead, but the cop definitely has to go.

This is a steamy hot read, full of sexual tensions and growing passions. Celeste and Mick learn to overcome their past traumatic experiences and live in the now. The couple interacts extremely well, you can see the closeness they shared growing up. You can feel the tension as their friendship turns into love. I also liked the interaction between Mick and his adopted brothers. Darrell's sociopath tendencies are very well portrayed, giving you a sense of sliding deeper into madness. Overall a very good, suspenseful read.

Reviewed by Angie Gipson
Posted March 13, 2009


Celeste Rice’s life has been shattered by terrible violence more than once. Violence threatens to creep back into Celeste’s world when her ex-boyfriend stalks her. When Celeste inherits her aunt’s home, she decides to move back into her childhood neighborhood after long years away. Upon her prodigal return, she encounters old friend and long-time object of her desire, Mick MacGilvary at a charity event and knows that she is finally ready to pursue that heart-stopping attraction. She believes she’ll stop craving him if she has sex with him once and gets it out of her system. She decides to test the wildfire attraction, even though Mick’s violent past and his SWAT position frighten her.

Mick will do anything in her defense…

SWAT cop Mick MacGilvary’s instincts tell him Celeste’s ex-boyfriend has something evil up his sleeve. Mick’s uneasy past with Celeste makes him gun-shy around her. His protective feelings for Celeste have never abandoned him. Ten years ago, Celeste rejected his advances, and he hasn’t forgotten. The heavy-duty attraction he’s always had for her ramps up now that she’s near. Better yet, she’s obviously interested in bedding him.

Danger lurks around the corner…

Caught up in a passion neither of them can deny, Mick and Celeste’s strengths and weaknesses are tested when her ex-boyfriend decides if he can’t have her, no one will.

Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

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In Her Defense
(Heart of Justice: Book 2)
by Denise A. Agnew

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2009
Available: February 10, 2009
ISBN #1595785116
EAN #9781595785114
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