"A New Twist on a Werewolf Story..."

Personal Trainer Finn York, Has had it with werewolves! He and his twin used to hang out and hit on the female werewolves. Their favorite hangout to do both those activities is the Wulf's Den. That was before. Before he learned that there really are monsters in this world. He was captured and experimented on by a psychotic werewolf, determined to unlock the spell needed to turn humans into werewolves. The spell didn't work, but the werewolf blood he was injected with does, to an extent. Finn is disgusted by the changes in his body, filling him with self-loathing. He blames all werewolves for his condition

Jocelyn is a waitress at the Wulf's Den. She is also a werewolf. She has watched Finn go from a happy-go-lucky player to sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Every night she watches him drown the memories and nurse his hatred of her species. She doesn't understand what is happening with him or why he looks at her and everyone in the bar with hatred. However, Finn arouses her on a level that no human should be able to and after one night together, Jocelyn is convinced Finn is her mate. Finn refuses to believe it and fights her at every turn.

Everyday he works in is family's gym, trying to work out his frustrations. He has shut out his family and refuses to tell them what happened to him, even his twin. He avoids their concerned looks, especially from his newly turned werewolf sister and her mate.

This couple has many things to overcome if their romance is to get a happy ever after. Finn is full of hatred for everything Jocelyn is. He also loathes everything he is becoming. As if Jocelyn doesn't have enough to worry about with Finn fighting their attraction and potential mating, she also has to contend with rather biased family who refuse to accept a mere human as part of their pack.

This was almost a case of the man being TSTL. Finns needed a serious wake up call and Jocelyn is just the wolf to do it. Just when you think everything is worked out, her family steps in and challenges the mating. This is a very good read, with lots of action. I love Finn's growth in this story. From playing to hatred to acceptance to love to... well you'll have to read it to see. I look forward to many more books in this series.

Reviewed by Angie Gipson
Posted March 6, 2009


Finn York had a bad experience with werewolves. Marked emotionally and physically from the experience, his aversion causes him to fight the attraction he feels for the female werewolf he meets at Wulf�s Den. Yet her scent draws him with the irresistible power of a werewolf�s mating instinct.

Jocelyn works as a waitress at Wulf�s Den. She�d noticed Finn months before but the sudden changes in him confuse her. When she serves him drinks one night he growls and sniffs the air as if he can smell her arousal and Jocelyn�s confusion escalates. But her interest in Finn heightens and she plots a way to force him to overlook his disgust to claim her as his mate.

Genre:Paranormal Romance, Erotic, Werewolf, Shapeshifter, Novella

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Mated To A Wolf
(Wulf's Den: Book 4)
by Marisa Chenery

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2009
Available: February 9, 2009
ISBN #1595785426
EAN #9781595785428
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