"Primal Pursuit by Rebecca Aires"

Tara is an Indiri Healer is on a quest. Her mission is to find a world the tribe can be more accessible to others for their magic healings. While traveling with her companions they go through a busy gate station. Zadin, a Zarain alpha shapeshifting wolf, catches her scent at the station just as she steps through onto another world. He knows that she is his mate. He and his companions follow them though the gate. Once on the other world, Zadin isn't quick enough to get them off planet before the gate shuts down for six months.

Zadin must find them shelter and prepare for the coming winter months. He must convince Tara that he is her mate, turn her into a Zarain, and protect her and her companions. Tara is strong and fights his dominate nature every way she can. When she becomes a wolf, she knows she can never leave him. Her friends panic at that prospect, puts Tara's life in jeopardy.

This is a book where love comes lately while two people struggle to find understanding of what being and having a mate is. I don't usually read Science Fiction / Futuristic Fantasy. I liked that this story was longer and dealt with more conflicts than just the survival issues. The plot allows the characters to grow and the love to finally take root.

Reviewed by Angie Gipson
Posted March 6, 2009


The world of the Zarain shapeshifters is dangerous and unpredictable, with oppressors and wild beasts never more than a short distance away. So when Zaden spots his mate just as she is disappearing through the travel gate to another planet, he becomes determined to find her again before something else does.

Tara and her companions are searching for a safe place to colonize when a band of brutes descends upon them. Having never seen shifters before, Tara's first instinct is to flee them. But their alpha male seems determined not to let that happen. And despite her anger and lingering fear, Tara doesn't completely mind being Zaden's captive.

Line: Xanadu (Fantasy)
Book Length: Plus Novel

Author's Note:This story is a sequel to Primal Quest, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Reader Advisory: This story contains several scenes of graphic violence.

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Primal Pursuit
(sequel to Primal Quest)
by Rebecca Airies

Ellora's Cave
October 1, 2008
Available: October 22, 2008
ISBN #1419918826
EAN #9781419918827
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