"Intriguing Multidimensional Futuristic Debut"

Miners are being murdered on the desert world of Exodus. The killer is illusive and the Synergy has called in two agents of the Interplanetary Investigation Bureau (IIB) to solve the case. Karjon "Jon" Rzije and his partner Mondina "Dina" Marlijn are assigned to the case.

After questioning government officials, Mother Lode's executives, and some of the miners, the partners the investigation is extended to the Dailjan, a desert band consisting of nomads, former employees, and if the rumors are true, several types of Dark Outworlders including at least one dens.

The dens, natives of B'harata (a rainy world), are particularly loathed by inhabitants of the Synergy worlds. The race of telepaths native to are infamous for using their gift to manipulate the minds of others personal gain. Dina has personal cause to despise them. Though a Glacian, Dina was also born with this talent, and due to the vile behavior of the dens and the hatred they'd earned, she'd been forced to keep this gift a secret. Only her partner Jon knows that she is a telepath. His acceptance had won her respect and affection.

While still in the landing bay, upon their arrival on Exodus, Dina had been startled by a vision of a handsome and compelling man. The man had invaded her nightly dreams night ever since, decidedly erotic dreams.

Rayn DeStar had never really believed that a day such as this would come. He too is surprised, when on a routine scan, his astral self detects the arrival of a female telepath, and a beautiful one at that. An outlaw on Exodus, he lives in the mountains among the Dailjan. Though he has established a loyal group of friends, he has missed the bond that can only be forged with one of his own kind. True the woman is a mere fledgling as telepaths go, but nevertheless a tryst could be most satisfying. He decides to use his gift to draw her to him.

The plan is unexpectedly stepped up when Dina almost becomes the next murder victim. Nearby, Rayn senses her plight and sustains her telepathically until he is able to rescue her. Now she not only knows who her dream lover is but what he is -- a dens and the prime murder suspect.

For some reason Dina can't quite reconcile the reality of her savior to her image of the dens, or with that of a cold blooded killer. Is this her instincts, at work, or could the man be using his abilities to create doubts in her mind? She realizes that she needs his cooperation to solve the case one way or another, but Jon has ordered her to stay away from the dangerous dens. All the same she continues with her investigation, convinced that Rayn, at the very least, knows the identity of the killer. If only he would trust her with the information. If only she could trust him. She does know that if Rayn is not the killer, both of their lives are in grave danger.

A multidimensional novel, RAINSCAPE will appeal to lovers of futuristics as well as readers who enjoy romantic suspense. It brings home several truths -- that prejudice is frequently caused by unrealistic fears, and that with advantages comes responsibility, lest power should corrupt. The romance is deeply satisfying as Dina and Rayn bond on mental and emotional levels as well as the physical one. The best part however is that, by accepting Rayn who for who he is, Dina finally learns to accept herself. Rainscape is Ms. Roycraft debut novel. She has continued in the paranormal vein with her new "Image" vampire series which begins with the novel, DOUBLE IMAGE, and continues with AFTERIMAGE, soon to be followed by a third novel, SHADOW IMAGE coming from Imajinn in June 2002.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 9, 2002


Rookie investigator Dina Marlijn's dream has come true. She's been assigned her first outworld homicide case with her favorite partner, Jon Rzije. Arriving on the tiny desert world of Exodus, Jon is the only man who knows Dina's secret -- that she's a telepath with powers dangerously close to those of the Dark Star dens, a telepathic race so hated they've been banned from Synergy Worlds as "Dark Outworlders." There's one secret Dina keeps even from Jon.

No one hates the dens more than Dina.

But soon after arriving, the dream investigation goes awry. Dina is attacked and left for dead, only to be rescued by Rayn DeStar, enigmatic leader of a band of desert misfits. An outlaw on Exodus, on the run from his own homeworld, Rayn is a dens.

Dina counters the seduction of Rayn's golden eyes by manipulating him into helping with her investigation, but soon she wonders who is exploiting whom? The telepathic "bond" she shares with Rayn draws her deeper and deeper into a web of desire, mistrust, and betrayal. Can listening to her heart extricate her from the lies surrounding her? Or will her longing to connect with a soul mate be the bait that lures her into the ultimate trap of deception?

Time is running out for Dina and Rayn, and the choices they must make will mean life or death for themselves and those around them....


(Dark Star: Book 1)
by Jaye Roycraft

March 1, 2001
Available: November 7, 2006
ISBN #1893896315
EAN #9781893896314
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