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Warning: Spoil Alert Possible for Series Only.

As you know I adore series books. Mercury's War is part of the fantastic Breeds by Lora Leigh. While there are no spoilers for this book in my review, there might be spoilers for the series. If you have not read this series, this is an ongoing story line building on the previous books. Therefore, let the reader beware.

Mercury Warrant was one of the best Breeds ever created, until they destroyed his beast. A victim of feral displacement, Mercury believes his animal is dead inside him thanks to the drugs they gave him. As dead as the mate he believes was destined to be his, that is until he meets Ria Rodriguez; she changes everything, the animal and the man. Ria has secrets of her own that she must keep in order to survive and do the job she is desperate to complete for the pride of the first Leo. She never anticipates what she will encounter. Mercury or mating, especially since he mated once and she died, or at least that's what she believes. However, the Breed believed dead is not long to stay in the shadows.

There's danger for the Breeds from the Supremacists, the remaining Council members and the traitors that they know exist. Question is... Will they manage to get into Sanctuary? Can these traitors ruin everything that the Pride Leader has built? Can a mating truly be possible when another mating was meant to be? There are so many hardships to be faced and so many twists, that it seems so unlikely to Ria that happiness is ever to be hers or the Breeds. Mercury has to make her believe that isn't true, but first he has to believe it for himself as well, can he even do that? Paramount, they have to survive all the plotting terrors that are coming for them first.

Let me just say, I'm addicted to series. Big surprise, I know. I have several I wait very impatiently for, and this is one of them. Mercury's War will not disappoint you. I also really appreciate the work that has gone into fixing the time line issues from when the series moved publishers. Ms. Leigh has done a wonderful job of continuing the story of her Breeds, their life, loves and the dangers they face are becoming a very full and compelling story. This is a series that is just getting better and better, bravo to Lora Leigh and thank you for yet again producing another fantastic Breed. I highly recommend the next in the line, being Christmas Heat in The Magical Christmas Cat. Also, be watching for my review to come for the latest story in the series, Coyote's Mate. I can't wait to get that one read next! The only downside, I'll have to wait for the next book then!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted February 20, 2009


A Novel of the Feline Breeds

** A PNR Review REcommended Read**

Nothing matches Lora Leigh’s latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA—and the humans who awaken their desire.

Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary’s secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it’s up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. Yet she has no idea of the danger she’s about to encounter—or the passion she’s about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.

The Breeds were originally written out of order chronologically, so that and a change in publishers is why there are chronological discrepancies in Jacob’s Faith and Aiden’s Charity.

Breed chronology(per author's website):

  1. Tempting the Beast (Lion Breed)
  2. The Man Within (Panther Breed)
  3. Elizabeth’s Wolf (Wolf Breed)
  4. Kiss of Heat (Snow Leopard Breed)
  5. Soul Deep (Coyote Breed)
  6. The Breed Next Door (in Hot Spell anthology - Lion Breed)
  7. Megan’s Mark (Lion Breed)
  8. Harmony’s Way (Lion Breed)
  9. Tanner’s Scheme (Bengal Breed)
  10. Wolfe’s Hope (Wolf Breed)
  11. Jacob’s Faith (Wolf Breed - both of them)
  12. Aiden’s Charity (Wolf Breed)
  13. In a Wolf’s Embrace (in Beyond the Dark anthology - Wolf Breed)
  14. Dawn’s Awakening (Cougar Breed)
  15. A Jaguar’s Kiss (in Shifter anthology - Black Jaguar Breed)
  16. Mercury’s War (Lion Breed)
  17. Christmas Heat (The Magical Christmas Cat anthology, available 10/7/08 - Jaguar Breed)

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Mercury's War
(Breeds: Book 16)
by Lora Leigh

Berkley Pub Group
September 1, 2008
Available: September 2, 2008
ISBN #042522418X
EAN #9780425224182
352 pages
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