"Two amazing stories in one book"

Meet Lester Obdage, PA and bodyguard to one Amanda Carlisle. Lester would do just about anything for Amanda. Anything but sleep with her that is. No matter how much he loves Amanda, she just isn't his type.

Amanda Carlisle is an over worked actress that just doesn't seem to have the magic inside her anymore. So when her bodyguard/PA suggests she turn over her next role to someone else and take a much needed vacation, what is she to do but invite Lester along? So together they head to Chimera, a Caribbean island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Hopefully Amanda will get the rest she needs as well as find the magic again in acting, and Lester finds the man he's looking for.

Prince Lorcan is done with his mother's matchmaking. He has no desire to find a wife and doesn't see why he really needs one. To get away from his mother and all that is demanded of him he decides to head to Chimera, at the suggestion of his manservent Tady. Lorcan thinks it would be great. Sand, sun and all the beauties he can look at and have if he desires. That is until he meets Mandy.

Tady, manservent and friend to Prince Lorcan, has been told he would make someone a fine wife. One that even Prince Lorcan would want if he was into men. So when the Prince invites him to join him at Chimera, how can he refuse? Hoping to enjoy himself as the Prince tells Tady that this is a vacation for him as well, Tady is shocked when he meets Lester. He is even more surprised when it seems Lester is the man of his dreams. Now how can he convince Lester of this?

When Lester and Tady find out that Lorcan and Amanda have found each other. Can they join together to show their two stubborn employers that they really are meant for each other or will they all only have the island getaway to remember?

Kate Douglas does a wonderful job of joining these two stories into one book. Readers will get to see all sides of this romance come about. They will feel for Lester and Tady as well as root for them in their quest to get Amanda and Lorcan together. This book brings out the magic in all relationships and is sure to bring pleasure to those that read it.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted February 20, 2009


Lust at first sight

At 6’ 6”, ebony skinned bodyguard Lester Ondáge radiates enough pure, unadulterated sex to drive a sane man crazy. The effect on a love-starved gay Elf is practically lethal. Lester and Tady could be the perfect match -- if they can bring their employers together.

There’s a small glitch… Lorcan and Amanda.

Lorcan, Crown Prince of the Northern Realm, has a problem. He doesn't want a wife, but if he doesn’t find one on his own, his mother’s going to choose one for him -- the last thing any self-respecting Dragon wants. He might be willing to change his mind, now that he’s found his “Chosen One” -- but the last thing Amanda, a successful but unhappy Hollywood star, wants is a man -- or a Dragon -- with attitude. Lester and Tady have their work cut out for them, but on the magical island of Chimera, miracles can -- and do -- happen!

Publisher's note: This title is available in print. Visit our Books in Print page for more information. Publisher’s note: This title was originally released in 2005 and has been reformatted and spotlighted as part of the celebrations for Changeling Press's 5th Birthday.

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Finding Magic
(Agency of Extraordinary Mates)
by Kate Douglas

Changeling Press
February 1, 2009
Available: February 1, 2009
ISBN #1595961852
EAN #9781595961853
e-Book (reprint)
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