"dark fantasy erotica to the extreme"

At just 20 years old Lady Mariel is practically an old maid. She would have married long ago had her father not squandered their fortune leaving them with barely enough to survive. Her mundane existence comes to an abrupt halt on the day that Behsart comes to collect her. Mariel's father has sold her to be offered as a bride to the seven demons of Daeksould -- the dark demons from whom Lord Valdamer draws his power to rule the land. Each of the demons will sample their bride before she is finally delivered to Valdamer to be sacrificed; but if the demons are well pleased, it is possible that Mariel's life may be spared.

The demon named Behsart occupies the body of a man once known as Cavan, Lord of Reugal. Overpowered by the dark demons, the spirit of Cavan barely exists within the confines of his possessed body. Mariel's escort to the seven temples carries out his duties without questions or emotions. She knows that any plea for her release would fall on deaf ears. But as their journey stretches from days to weeks and her body is used in countless sex rituals, something curious starts to happen. Behsart's control weakens as Cavan grows ever stronger. Time is running out and the lusty demons are determined to claim Mariel for their chosen bride, but Mariel refuses to give up hope. Her soul is at stake, and if she can appease the demons long enough to help Cavan oust Behsart from his body, then there is a small chance that she can save them both.

BELLY OF THE BEAST is an erotic fantasy tale that takes the reader to the extreme. Fans of Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy may enjoy this story as Mariel is taken from home against her will and thrust into a world of relentless sexual mastery and forced pleasure. The absence of outright cruelty may make Acuna's BELLY OF THE BEAST more palatable for some, but readers with a low/medium tolerance for heavy BDSM themed stories are strongly urged to bypass this novella. Though the final chapter feels a bit rushed, this dark tale has a surprisingly upbeat ending; so if you enjoy reading fantasy stories about no holds barred demon sex (and lots of it!), BELLY OF THE BEAST is worth checking out.

Reviewer's Note: This book contains content that some readers may find objectionable: sex with multiple partners, anal intercourse, BDSM, dubious consent, exhibitionism, forced seduction, and same sex scenes.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted February 14, 2009


Lady Mariel has no clue her life is forfeit until the Trull, Behsart, comes to collect her to take her to the Castle Valdamer to be sacrificed to the demons. She has only one ally—Cavan, Lord of Reugal, whose body the lesser demon, Behsart, occupies. Her only weapon is the one Behsart has given her--his lust for her. Each time he succumbs to carnal pleasure, he grows weaker and Cavan grows stronger, but time is not something she has in plenty. Behsart is to take her on pilgramage to each of the seven demons so that they may sample their bride. If she can not escape Behsart, or please the demons and convince them that she is worth more to them as a concubine than a sacrifice, her spirit will be yielded up to them for eternity once she has reached the Castle Valdamer.

Rating: This is an almost no-holds-barred BDSM erotica. Contains explicit sex and language, some F/F scenes, multiple partners, bondage, domination/submission, anal sex, oral sex, sexual mastery as well as a subplot of romance.

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Belly of the Beast
by Desiree Acuna

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2004
Available: July 1, 2004
ISBN #1586085794
EAN #9781586085797
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