"The Nightkeepers' quest continues in the race to prepare for the end-time battle"

The Final Prophesy, Book 2

After successfully defending earth against the Banol Kax, the Nightkeepers have spent the past couple of months attempting to recover 7 ancient Mayan artifacts. The sacred items hold prophecies that will help the Nightkeepers prepare for the end-time battle that has been triggered by King Striking-Jaguar's refusal to sacrifice his chosen mate. The Nightkeepers have lost some momentum in the time since the battle at Winter Solstice. The demands of the Nightkeeper tradition appear to be taking a toll on the group of warrior-priests and recent failed missions are only adding to their frustration. It seems that someone else is also seeking to obtain the precious artifacts...and that someone is always one step ahead of them.

Nate Blackhawk will accept his duty as a Nightkeeper, but that's as far as it goes. Growing up an orphan, Nate has learned some harsh lessons in life, but he survived and now owns a successful video game company. Seven months prior, he had been shocked to learn about his bloodline and the parents he never knew, but imagine his surprise when he showed up at Nightkeeper headquarters only to be greeted by a living, breathing version of his video game heroine - Alexis Gray. The attraction was instant and mutual, but Nate hates the idea of fate choosing his mate for him so he rejects Alexis and pushes her away. He may be duty-bound to protect mankind, but his destiny is his own to decide; and not even the gods themselves can take that away from him.

Alexis Gray knows that Nate Blackhawk is the man for her whether or not he chooses to accept it. In the past she has had a history of staying in relationships well past the expiration date, yet somehow she had hoped it would be different this time. But much as she desires Nate, she also wants to distinguish herself as an elite member of the Nightkeeper clan. Her success depends largely on her ability to harness her powers and without Nate to boost her magic she may need to select another Nightkeeper male as her mate. Her heart may protest, but if the man she loves refuses to love her then perhaps it is time to move on. The fate of mankind is at stake and Alexis is determined to do what she can to aid their chances of winning the final battle.

Despite their efforts to avoid one another it appears that the will of the gods will not be denied as Nate and Alexis are forced to work together. As her protector, Nate vows to keep Alexis safe though he continues to deny his feelings for her. In time Alexis learns to call down her powers on her own without Nate's assistance thereby releasing him from fate's interfering hand; But an unexpected feeling of emptiness moves in to occupy the place in Nate's heart where resentment used to reside. Danger closes in on the Nightkeepers and Alexis steps up to the challenge placing herself in harm's way. To have any chance of saving Alexis, Nate must first face the truth about his feelings for her, and in doing so Nate discovers that with Alexis, he is capable of more than he ever imagined -- and a life of free will isn't worth much without her.

DAWNKEEPERS picks up from where Book 1 left off with the Nightkeepers' ongoing quest to prepare for the end-time battle. Fans of the first installment will not be disappointed as Andersen continues to build upon the Nightkeeper mythos while weaving intricate subplots into this densely layered world. Keeping with the tone of the first book, DAWNKEEPERS works well as urban fantasy, but once again readers looking for a good dose of romance may find Nate and Alexis a tad frustrating. The hero and heroine score high on the angst scale throughout the majority of the book, however events tied to the overall arc of the series end up overshadowing much of their drama. Nate and Alexis may not have the most satisfying romance, but that does not diminish the exciting story of the Nightkeepers and several new twists will have readers anxiously waiting for the next installment. SKYKEEPERS (The Final Prophesy, Book 3) is due to be released AUGUST 2009.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted February 10, 2009


The end-time battle begun in Nightkeepers heats up with Dawnkeepers, a new sensual paranormal thriller from bestselling author and multiple RITA® and RT® Reviewers' Choice Award nominee, Jessica Andersen.

The final four-year countdown to the end of days has begun. According to ancient Maya prophecy, demons from the underworld will arise on December 21, 2012. Only the Nightkeepers, mortal descendants of an ancient race of magic-wielding warrior-priests, can prevent the apocalypse by stopping the demons from bringing the old legends to life.

Unlike his fellow Nightkeepers, Nate Blackhawk isn’t about to let the gods determine his destiny- especially when it comes to his feelings for Alexis Gray, his ex-lover and nemesis. But when they’re forced to work together, racing to recover seven antiquities before the demons get their claws on the vital artifacts, Nate and Alexis will have to face their feelings- and their past- in order to defeat a dire and ancient enemy.

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(Final Prophecy: Book 2)
by Jessica Andersen

January 1, 2009
Available: January 6, 2009
ISBN #0451225759
EAN #9780451225757
464 pages
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