"a fiery duo"

The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cain

Callie is in love with her next door neighbor, a firefighter named Trey, who seems to only see her as the girl next door he has known most of his life. Callie's friend Marianne comes up with a brilliant plan to get Trey to notice Callie. They conspire to make Trey jealous. Enlisting the help of Marianne's brother Ben as Callie's pretend boyfriend.

What an incredible read, the characters are vibrant and colorful. The heat between Ben and Callie is incredible. Good thing there are so many firefighters around. The love scenes are mind blowing and just plain fun to read. Jolie Cain created a wonderful tale of two people falling in love in spite of themselves. Not for the faint of heart, Ben and Callie explore their desires in ways sure to capture the readers attention and hold it in place until the very last page.

With just enough humor and enough of an emotional ride to keep readers entertained, The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cain is a story well worth the investment.

Captive Flame by Rhiannon Leith

Peter is a fire fighter who questions his sanity after pulling a woman from a fire that no one else had seen. After being placed on paid leave, he finds himself back at the scene and finds the woman again. Adara is a djinn, a being formed of fire. She has spent centuries enslaved to human magi's. When Peter pulled her from the fire, he pulled her from the binds of a powerful magi, and thus binding her to him.

The set up for this tale is great. The characters are delightful in their imperfections. They resist each other, even though it's obvious that the two want nothing more than to be together. The hero's struggle with the supernatural is wonderfully detailed and believable. The heroine learns that the bindings of love are just as strong as the binds of captivity. The depth of each character grows as their love does.

A thoroughly delightful read with a unique look at the elements. Rhiannon Leith created characters that a reader can connect with.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted February 9, 2009


The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cain

For as long as she can remember, Callie has been in love with her next-door neighbor Trey, a firefighter on the Oceanside Fire Department, but he has never seen her as anything more than a good friend, a pal. Then for her birthday, Trey gives her something wonderful ... not the usual tire jack and mace spray. No, he gives her a beautiful antique locket, and Callie begins to dream that maybe he has changed the way he sees her. After all, when a guy gives a girl jewelry, it means something special--right? Only her friend Marianne Riley isn’t so sure. She thinks Trey needs to be nudged just a bit in the right direction. So she enlists the aid of her brother, one of Trey’s fellow firefighters, in a plot to make Trey jealous. But Ben Riley seems interested in more than simply helping Callie out. And he arouses feelings in Callie that Trey never has. While Trey has always made her feel safe and secure, Ben makes her feel wild and out of control. He pushes her and fulfills her darkest desires. Eventually Callie must decide ... which firefighter is the one that sets her heart on fire?

Captive Flame by Rhiannon Leith

As a djinn, a being formed of fire, Adara has spent centuries enslaved to the human Magi, passed from one to another, made to do their bidding. She yearns for freedom. She yearns for love.

When firefighter Peter O'Connor pulls her out of an inferno, he snatches her from her current Magus. This new master has no idea of what or how powerful she is, and the opportunity to break free finally becomes a real possibility. If only her body didn't react to him with such abandon. If only his touch didn't make her lose the will to do anything but be with him.

With the Magus closing in on them, and Peter's life in danger, Adara must choose between her desire and her dreams.

And with supernatural arson attacks sweeping the city, Peter must decide if a firefighter can ever really trust a fire?

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Hearts Afire: February
by Jolie Cain, Rhiannon Leith

Liquid Silver Books
February 1, 2009
Available: February 3, 2009
ISBN #1595785124
EAN #9781595785121
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