"Ancient Chinese Vampires"

Jairec Connely's brother has constantly dragged him into messes, but this time Tristan has gone too far, releasing a powerful chiang-shih, who immediately set his fangs into innocent and unsuspecting Jairec.

According to Chinese lore, everyone has two souls. As a newly turned chiang-shih, Jairec has only a short time to reunite his souls, before the craving for human blood overpowers him and his chance to revert is lost. He believes Acupuncturist Autumn Moon has the elixir of life that can bring his souls together.

What he didn't count on was that she had no idea such an elixir exists, how to make it, or that he'd fall head over heels for her, even as the craving for her blood gains strength.

Autumn Moon is a completely new take on the vampire genre, or rather I should say it's an ancient Asian version retold in a refreshing new light. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese lore involving vampires, their chiang-shih, and the interesting way these vampires exist and can be destroyed. The author brings in a lot of insight without seeming to do so as the hero and heroine fight the vamps while fighting their mutual attraction. Okay, that last part is not true; they didn't fight the attraction hard at all, they totally went for it even knowing Jairec could lose all control and kill her. Such is vampire love.

I loved how Autumn used acupuncture to take the edge off of Jairec's blood craving. All in all, Autumn Moon is one of those stories that comes at you unexpectedly and takes the vampire legend to an entirely different level.

Reviewed by Clover Autrey
Posted February 9, 2009


Jairec Connelly’s holiday in San Francisco turned into a living nightmare when he’s attacked by a chiang-shih, a Chinese vampire. He has until the end of the Moon Festival to find the elixir or become the white haired demon for all eternity. All he needs to do is convince one stubborn woman she holds the key.

Autumn Moon is an acupuncturist and herbalist. When Jairec confronts her demanding she give him the elixir of life, she believes he’s heard one too many Chinese legends about the Moon Festival. The chiang-shih of legends is a white haired, green-faced vampire -- nothing like Jairec with his Irish good looks and charming manners.

When a mysterious attack leaves the victim drained of blood, Autumn is forced to believe monsters really do exist. She searches her uncle's journals. She must find a cure for Jairec. Time is running out.

Jairec and Autumn join forces to stop the master chiang-shih from raising an army and taking over Chinatown. Jairec will do all he can to keep Autumn safe, even if it means his death.

Categories: Paranormal/Horror, Interracial, Short Stories
Heat Index: 3 Flames - Sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct.

Also found in print Anthology: Festival, Vol. 2

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Autumn Moon
by Karen Michelle Nutt

Tease Publishing
December 1, 2008
Available: December 15, 2008
ISBN #1607670119
EAN #9781607670117
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