"an interesting tale with a unique look at vampires"

MaryAnn works as a nurse, believing she is curing vampires who wish to no longer be vampires. John is a vampire who goes in for a cure, and convinces MaryAnn that the cure is just a ruse to lure vampires to their demise. The two leave the facility together, and try to escape capture while leaving the island.

Una Skye's Revamped is an interesting tale with a unique look at vampires. It touches upon the desire some vampires have to be normal. As the main characters try to escape the island, the story jumps back and forth in time with the tale of how they fell in love. The detailed surroundings leave crystal clear images in the reader's mind of where the characters are, and what they must go though to get off the island.

This reader feels that Revamped could have been a more satisfying read as a longer read. The ideas and concepts introduced were captivating, but seemed to fall short in the limited time frame. The heroine spends a great deal of time struggling with her belief in how the hero feels about her, as well as her feelings for his true nature as a vampire. The hero is a strong and likable character, and it would have been nice to know more about him.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted February 8, 2009


Mary Anne was enjoying her new job on a tropical island as a nurse to soon-to-be-cured vampires. Until the last of them, John Hamill, says he's in terrible danger; the man running the facility is really trying to unlock the secrets of immortality and kill the witnesses. When she discovers the bodies of several of the vampires that supposedly had been cured and released, she helps John escape from the research facility.

A tropical island is a lot more fun when you're working for the bad guys, not running from them. Mary Anne and John add heat to the already steamy jungle but the only way to find out if they are meant for each other is by surviving the elements and the men sent to kill them. With all this to keep her occupied and terrified, Mary Anne can't stop thinking about why John Hamill hasn't bitten her.

Categories: Paranormal Vampires/Werewolves Mainstream ROMANCE
Heat Level: STEAMY

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by Una Skye

Siren Publishing
January 1, 2009
Available: January 20, 2009
ISBN #1606012029
EAN #9781606012024
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