"...Where The Heart Is doesn't disappoint."

A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story.

Tired from the recent outbreak of demanding cases Dean Delaporte has taken a break from Bay City Paranormal Investigations and come to stay with friends in Carrboro. But it's harder to escape from work than he realises. His friends introduce him to the very hot and very shy Sommer Skye who runs an Inn and Winery outside of town. Sommer is haunted, both by his own past and by some increasingly frightening ghostly events. When Dean finds out he sets out to help Sommer with the paranormal activity at the Inn and get to know the handsome man a lot better. Unfortunately the handsome Inn Keeper has ghosts to lay to rest before he can open his heart.

If, like me, you are a fan of the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series then you will probably have been looking forward to Dean's happy ending as much as I have and Where The Heart Is doesn't disappoint. It does however have a completely different feel to it than the rest of the series. The ominous story arc that threads the rest of the books together is absent, harking back to the softer more romantic feeling of some of Ally Blue's other titles. I did find that I missed the darker edge that the rest of the series has, but I enjoyed this brief interlude and am looking forward to the next BCPI story with enthusiasm.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted February 8, 2009


Falling in love is easy. Holding on to it can tear your life apart.

When Dean Delapore takes a break from Bay City Paranormal Investigations, he doesnít expect his work to follow him to the eclectic town of Carrboro, North Carolina. The chance to investigate a haunting at the Blue Skye Inn and Winery is more than he can resist, mainly because of the innís owner. Deceptively shy and gorgeous, Sommer Skye is not only fantastic company, heís the best lay Deanís had in ages.

As Dean probes the misty secrets of the haunted inn, he unexpectedly peels away the layers hiding Sommerís private pain. Pain Sommerís not sure he can withstand. By the time Dean realizes just how deep his feelings for the innkeeper run, itís far too late to turn back.

Now if only he can convince Sommer that falling in love changes everything, maybe for the better. If the bones of the past can be laid to restÖ

Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!
Length: Category

Warning: This book contains a melancholy ghost, unusual jewelry, misuse of vegetable shortening and lots of hot, sweet manlove.

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Where The Heart Is
(Bay City Paranormal Investigations: Book 6)
by Ally Blue

Samhain Publishing
January 1, 2009
Available: January 27, 2009
ISBN #1605043702
EAN #9781605043708
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