"a spicy read that blends shape-shifters, elements, and psychic abilities"

Emert is an ancient Elemental. Assuming the form of a majestic white stag, Emert roams the Canadian woodlands in a lonely existence. It has been a long time since Emert has encountered another like himself, however when he catches the distinct scent of a female hunter, he knows that she too is an Elemental. Prompted by hope, Emert follows the scent and willingly allows himself to be captured. But as the petite huntress attempts to bind and collar him, it becomes clear to her that the enormous stag intends to be no one's prey.

Ashanti knows all about captivity and how it feels to be deprived of freedom. As a prisoner of the evil Raj Singh, Ashanti often found herself caged, beaten, and used for his twisted pleasure. Now far away from the raj and India's oppressive heat, she is leading an expedition to capture the legendary white stag. Blessed with a natural ability to hunt, Ashanti is the best warrior for the task, but when a touch of masculine power brushes her skin she experiences an unexpected emotion...fear. Awareness takes root when she realizes the stag standing before her exudes great power. Ashanti is rendered unconscious by the beast with a magical nip of the skin. When she awakens within the confines of a dark cave, Ashanti discovers that not only is she alone with the stag, but he has somehow taken the form of a man.

Emert plans to claim Ashanti as his wife and he senses that there are others like her back in India...other Elementals who are unaware of their legacy and living in hiding. The raj knows more about the Elementals than he lets on, so when he orders Ashanti to be kidnapped and caged once more, he isn't surprised when Emert arrives to rescue his chosen mate. Raj Singh seeks to gain Emert's power and Ashanti has proven to be the perfect bait. Will the raj succeed in wielding complete dominance over the Elementals? Can Ashanti find the strength to embrace her own suppressed powers before it's too late?

ELEMENTAL LOVE is an erotic story that blends shape- shifters, elements, and psychic abilities into an interesting and action packed story. Ashanti's story is tragic and intriguing as we learn more about her world. There are many questions left unanswered at the end of this novella and it appears there will be others to follow in continuation of the story. The graphic sexual depictions were a bit gratuitous in this reviewer's opinion, but readers who enjoy a quick spicy read may want to check out ELEMENTAL LOVE.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted February 7, 2009


Elemental love is totally consuming, soul-wrenching, dominating... until your thoughts, your body and essence are one.

Emert knows all that and much more but even he is unprepared for the cinnamon-colored female who wears a cloak of womanhood like a huntress, whose heat scorches his soul and who wants nothing more than to kill him.

One kiss, one earth-shattering night of lovemaking, binds their souls together. To claim the other half of his essence, Emert must leave the Canadian Northern Shield, travel to the heat of India, battle a depraved evil and teach his soul mate the real meaning of elemental love.

Line: Twilight (Shapeshifter)
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook

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Elemental Love
by Renee Field

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
November 1, 2008
Available: November 12, 2008
ISBN #1419919113
EAN #9781419919114
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