"fanciful tales of magic, humor, and love"

Welcome back to the magical town of Mysteria. As a sequel to the first Mysteria anthology, four of paranormal romances top authors delight readers with fanciful tales of magic, humor, and love.

Disdaining Trouble by MaryJanice's Davidson
Withering Desdaine is one of the dreaded Desdaine Triplets, who at the age of two discovered they could do magic and by the age of six decided being the good guys was for suckers. So happily they terrorized the citizens of Mysteria until one day when Withering was accidentally thrown into the town fountain -- and emerged as a full- grown warrior woman. Recently returned to Mysteria after living in the real world, the last person Thad Wilson expected to come face-to-face with was the girl who was not so much one the dreaded triplets, but was now the beautiful and deadly woman that stood before him.

The Nanny from Hell by Susan Grant
Shay is a she-demon who has spent thousands of years seducing and destroying men's lives with her only fear being the end of her existence. Sent to destroy the life of an ex-Demon High Lord's child, the last thing Shay expects to encounter is the handsome demon hunter, Quel Laredo. After falling into the town fountain, Shay comes out a changed woman and finds that the thought of taking a baby's life repulsive. Can Shay and Quel overcome their inherent distrust for each other long enough to keep Shay from being blinked out of existence by the Devil himself?

A Tawdry Affair by Gena Showalter
Glory Tawdry is a love witch whose love life is in the pits and to add to her misery she has to watch her two sisters play kissy-face every day with their mates. Not that she wants to fall in love, mind you. All that slobbering over each other and stuff -- yeesh. But what Glory does want is vengeance and she knows just the witch to help her. When her sister Evie gives her a magic pen, Glory decides to settle the score with the impossible handsome, Falon - the one man who she's had a crush on for years, but humiliated her when she once thought to seduce him.

It's in His Kiss by P.C. Cast
After going away to college, Summer Smith decided to return to Mysteria to teach at the local high school. Always the planner and in complete control of her life, Summer decides it's time to finally settle down and she sets her sights on her childhood friend and long-time crush, Kenny the Fairy. But when Summer takes her high school class on a field trip to the local art gallery, Dark Shadows, she gets more than she bargained for in the dark and brooding vampire, Colin.

I thoroughly enjoyed these four enchanting tales of love and magic. Mysteria Lane is the sequel to Mysteria (originally released May 2006) and even though most of these characters were introduced in the first anthology, newcomers won't have a problem reading this sequel. My overall favorite would probably be Showalter's A Tawdry Affair, but all four novellas are quite delightful. If you're looking for a quick read filled with humor and love, I would happily recommend picking up Mysteria Lane and giving it a whirl.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted February 7, 2009


The women of Mysteria welcome your return…

Mysteria Lane

Four new stories of paranormal seduction in a town like no other.

New York Times bestselling authors Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant, Gena Showalter, and national bestselling author P.C. Cast

Centuries ago, the Demon Lord of Self-Doubt and Second Thoughts created the town of Mysteria...

Located in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, it’s where the supernatural co-exists with the natural. It’s a town of bewitching seduction, dark magic, and sensual demons.

The ladies of Mysteria wouldn’t have it any other way…

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Anthology, Fantasy, Magic


Mysteria Lane
by Susan Grant, MaryJanice Davidson, P. C. Cast, Gena Showalter

Berkley Pub Group
October 1, 2008
Available: October 7, 2008
ISBN #0425222942
EAN #9780425222942
304 pages
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