"a blazing hot, suspenseful, high-energy addition to Lynne Connolly's wonderful Pure Wildfire series"

Combine one scorchingly sexy bass player from the hottest rock band around with an enticing, strong-willed businesswoman, then throw in murder, intrigue, and small town politics, and the result is...pure Wildfire. Moonfire, the third book in the Pure Wildfire series by Lynne Connolly, tells the story of Jake Keys, bassist bad boy, who is called out of his London studio and back to the small Texas town he left several lifetimes ago (literally) by the brutal murder of his wife, Cheryl Palmer. Theirs was a marriage of convenience, brought about by Cheryl's need for "proof" of a heterosexual relationship in order to gain her inheritance, and Jake's desire for a shield from insistent groupies. But Jake was genuinely fond of Cheryl, and is bent on discovering her murderer. His determination quickly increases when he meets Cheryl's partner, Teri Gilpatrick, the number one suspect in the case. Not only intent on proving Teri's innocence, Jake becomes focused on Teri herself--and the immediate, sensual connection between the two of them. But Teri's former lover, Sheriff Chauncey Morris, is equally determined to recapture Teri's interest, and Jake is hiding a secret life that may threaten not only his and Teri's happiness, but their lives as well.

I may well be one of Lynne Connolly's biggest groupies for the Wildfire series--her sizzling stories of a group of rock and roll firebird shapeshifters. I loved everything about Sunfire and Icefire, and impatiently awaited the arrival of Moonfire, Jake Keys' story. While my first reaction was not as wildly enthusiastic for this story as for the first two, it's still an excellent read, and works both as a stand-alone and as the continuation of the Wildfire saga. Connolly's characterizations are just as clear and sharply-drawn as ever, and this (in fact) may be part of the reason I had to warm up to the story. The book opens with an explicit bedroom ménage between Jake and the Westfall twins (characters from the earlier books). It is immediately clear that there is no deeper emotion or commitment involved--this is a "scratching an itch" situation, and one that Jake isn't even that interested in. My gut reaction was "Ew, what a horndog!", so Jake started off with a strike against him. Also, this storyline was largely separate from the band and their music, which were aspects I loved in the first two books. But I was quickly caught up in the intense, fast-moving suspenseful tale of murder, small town politics and cover-ups, interwoven with Jake's and Teri's burgeoning relationship.

Teri Gilpatrick is fiercely independent, and devoted to the event planning business she built with Cheryl. She is heartbroken by her friend's brutal death and her own arrest as the primary suspect, as well as adamant about protecting Cheryl's memory and private life from prying eyes. Unfortunately, townspeople and the press are eager to portray this as a lesbian lovers' tiff turned deadly. When stunning, sexy rock star Jake Keys shows up and literally rescues her--providing her with his own high-powered lawyer, and posting her bail--she's understandably dazed and confused. Why is this gorgeous fantasy man riding to her rescue, and why is he treating her like she's HIS favorite dream come true? She's sure this is only a brief affair, and wants to make it quite clear to him that she expects nothing more. Jake is quickly captivated by this strong, sexy woman. He sees her honesty, her inner strength and integrity, and for the first time in his very long life, is nearly overwhelmed by the need to protect and care for a woman--his woman. He can't believe that, when he finally finds "the one", she wants to treat him like a weekend fling! Besides, she is one of a handful of "mortals" who is receptive to his telepathy, and he feels her sensitivity and awareness to him. His existence as a shapeshifter brings many complications though, not the least of which is the fact that he's a target of a group of fanatical human purists who want to root out and destroy all "unnatural" creatures.

Moonfire is a blazing hot, suspenseful, high-energy addition to Lynne Connolly's wonderful Pure Wildfire series. Although not as involved with the band and their music as the previous books, it still shows Connolly's knowledge of, and affection for, her subject matter. If you love erotic tales filled with danger, intrigue, and the paranormal, check this out. If you've been following the series, then this is certainly a "must". Kudos to Lynne for continuing her strong storytelling; I just wish there were more band members for her to write about!

Reviewed by Julia Clark
Posted February 6, 2009


One look at Teri Gilpatrick and Jake Keys wants her so bad he can't think straight. The trouble is, she's in prison, accused of the murder of his wife, Cheryl. He has to get her free before the people who killed Cheryl come for her too.

But can a shape-shifting firebird, a member of the hottest rock band on the planet, persuade a sassy, independent woman to take a chance on him? Once, that is, she's not under sentence of death. From the law and from the hidden group seeking to destroy Jake's band, Pure Wildfire.

Teri's only salvation is the incredibly sexy Jake Keys, but she wants far more from him than that. Maybe more than he wants to give. And she won't settle for second best. She wants Jake, and everything he has to offer. Fiery passion and everlasting love. And the amazing Talent he holds.

Genre: Shape-shifter
Book Length: Plus Novel

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(Pure Wildfire: Book 3)
by Lynne Connolly

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
November 1, 2008
Available: November 12, 2008
ISBN #1419919016
EAN #9781419919015
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