"an entertaining ride with characters I won't soon forget"

Joshua and Jessie are a married couple in love. Their bliss is interrupted when Joshua is bitten by a werewolf, causing him to become one as well. To make matters worse, Joshua kills the werewolf that bit him. This causes that werewolf's clan to hunt Joshua and Jessie. They find refuge where they can, and help where it becomes available, finally culminating to a battle for their lives and their love.

Blood Line, by Rie McGaha is an entertaining ride with characters I won't soon forget. The Hero and Heroine are vivid and intense, driven by the strength of their love. The love scenes range from hot to scalding, spanning the spectrum of human and wolf. Blood Line is a thoroughly satisfying tale set at such a fast pace, this reader was unable to put it down.

One of the secondary characters steals the spotlight. Ganda, both witch and wolf, is such a delightful character that turning the last page I was disappointed that her tale did not continue. The story is a wonderful escape into the imagination of Rie McGaha. The descriptions used in the transformation of humans and werewolves are wonderfully detailed.

The story ends with a brief look into the life of one of the secondary characters. I do hope it is a sign of what is to come from this author.

Reviewed by Kristy Bock
Posted February 3, 2009


Truck driver Joshua Kaine and his wife, Jessie, enjoy the freedom of the open road, until the night Josh is attacked by a rabid dog. Josh kills the animal, but his and Jessie's troubles have only just begun.

Following the attack, Josh becomes deathly ill, but three weeks later he's feeling much better - much stronger - much more alive. When the moon rises full and bright, Josh experiences the change for the first time, his body morphing into that of a large, gray wolf. His appetite - for both food and sex - is enormous, and he spends every waking moment feeding his hunger.

Jessie doesn't know what's come over her husband, but she's not complaining. At least, not until a clan of werewolves comes after her and her family, intent upon seeking revenge for the death of their leader.

From a remote mountaintop to the swamps of Louisiana, Josh searches for a solution to their dilemma, but time is running out. When the absolute worst happens, Josh is forced to turn the tables and the hunted becomes the hunter.

Genre/Theme: Contemporary Paranormal (werewolves, witch)
Length: Novel

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Blood Line
by Rie McGaha

Noble Romance Publishing
October 1, 2008
Available: October 25, 2008
ISBN #1605920118
EAN #9781605920115
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