"Mystery, Mayhem, Murder, and Romance. This installment of Silver's Dark Fantasy Saga is pure Gold!"

I am a big fan of Eve Kenin's award winning SHOMI futuristic romances so when the publisher sent me the latest Eve Silver dark fantasy paranormal romance (same author, different name) my reaction was YES!!!!!! I was not disappointed. This is the second book in the Compact of Sorcerers series and there were references to the earlier story but not so much that the book couldn't stand on its own. I will definitely be picking up the first book, DEMON'S KISS, right away though.

Vivian Cairn had a lot of personal baggage. Her father had abandoned the family when she was two, her mother was at best indifferent, and her high school boyfriend had died tragically following an argument between the two of them. But Vivian had taken her lemons and made lemonade becoming a highly respected forensic pathologist who gave other families closure. Lately though she has begun to suspect she was losing her mind. Recently she had begun losing significant chucks of time and had no memory of where she'd been or what she'd done during the blackouts. It had just happened again right before her doorbell rang.

Dain Hawkins is member of the Compact of Sorcerers, long lived magical beings whose responsibility it was to maintain the integrity of the barrier between the human and demon realms. Recently Dain's mentor had betrayed the group and now was in league with a demon. The Compact had recently closed a demon in the portal between worlds, but a charred foot bone had remained on the human side. Dain needed Vivian's help to analyze the bone.

Upon arriving, Dain and his two comrades detect the presence of Hybrids in the area surrounding Vivian's home. While the other two sorcerers do reconnaissance, Dain speaks to Vivian. He notices that she has a small collection of red velvet gris gris backs similar to ones he and his friends had taken off of other Hybrids. The Compact suspects that a plot is afoot to reanimate a long deceased demon summoner in order to bring the demon back through the portal. The contents of the bags may provide a clue.

Vivian is stunned by the affect Dain has on her. Her libido had been non existent since the death of her high school boyfriend but now she was ready to jump a total stranger. Truly she was losing her mind. Before Dain can get all the answers he needs, Vivian is attacked by a demon. The demon is thwarted but Vivian's house is burned to the ground.

Dain is shocked by his reaction to Vivian which appears to be as strong as hers to him. He has baggage of his own having loved and his human wife and child to a demon attack many years ago. He has no intention of making that mistake again, but nevertheless shocks his friends with his possessiveness with regard to Vivian He will allow no one to watch over her but himself. Try though they both might to deny their feelings, their desire for one another is undeniable and insatiable.

Supernatural activity of the evil variety seems to be stalking Vivian dividing Dain's attention between her protection and his duty. The Compact has other problems. There had been a recent rash of grisly serial killings and the M.O. suggested a succubus (female counterpart). When Vivian's strange lapses persist, her behavior raises uncomfortable questions among Dain and his brethren. Could the woman he has fallen head over heels for be cold blooded killer? And if so, how would he choose between duty and love.

I was mesmerized by this tale. Not for one moment did I wonder if Vivian's heart was less than pure, but the unfolding of the mystery surrounding the succubus crimes was superbly handled. The romance was hot! Dain is a hero to die for. Sexy and loyal he relies on his instincts when all evidence points to the contrary. And because the diabolical demon plot has not yet been resolved, one simply cannot wait for the next installment to find out what happens next. Oh yeah, there are several sexy sorcerers still unattached too. Yum. Eve Silver is a truly versatile writer and I can't wait to see what she tries next.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 31, 2009


A passion to die for...

**A PNR Staff Top Pick**

The Compact of Sorcerers, a brotherhood sworn to protect the wall between the human and demon realms, is thrust into battle with an unseen evil that threatens to destroy them all...

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she's losing her mind. Her libido has kicked into overdrive, and she's blacking out, leaving hours of her life unaccounted for and no memory of where she's been or what she's done. But when a sexy stranger rescues her from a demon attack, Vivien realizes there's more than just her sanity at stake.

A seductive killer is luring victims, and Sorcerer Dain Hawkins finds himself walking a dangerous line between ancient duty and sizzling desire when the brotherhood--and Vivien herself--begins to suspect that her mysterious symptoms may connect her to the crimes. Can Dain save Vivien from the evil that threatens to claim her? Or will they both succumb to...


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Demon's Hunger
(Compact of Sorcerers: Book 2)
by Eve Silver

Grand Central Publishing (*Forever)
November 1, 2008
Available: November 25, 2008
ISBN #0446618934
EAN #9780446618939
368 pages
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