"Riveting Suspense - Humorous and Heartwarming Mythical Romance!"

THE WARRIOR, book two of Ms. Nance's "Sons of Olympus" series, picks up where book one, THE TRICKSTER leaves off.

FBI agent Armond Marceaux's satisfaction in a job well done, dwindled as reaction set in. Yes, Guy Centurian, was safely behind bars, but Armond had nearly lost his best friend, Mark, this evening. The familiar taste of the guilt of others seeped into him before he exited the New Orleans police station.

A descendant of Ares, a true protector, justice was Armond's mistress. Tonight it was not enough. He needed to blanket himself in innocence and purity. He needed Callie Gabriel.

Callie is a descendant of Callisto, whom Hera had once turned into a bear out of jealousy. She is Zeus and Hera's latest matchmaking project. The women of that line, as with all female descendant's of Zeus's affairs, are notoriously unlucky in love. The woman of Callisto's line had formed a matriarchal society. Strong and independent, the Gabriel women raise their daughter's alone. They see a man's role as merely a "sperm donor" according to Callie's mother.

Callie isn't quite like the other women in her family however. Deep down she longs for a man's love, and a complete family. She had once that man would be Armond Marceaux, but she had decided that Armond was already wedded to his job. He'd left her months ago to pursue his career in the FBI.

To Armond's mind things are not settled between them. Before he'd left for the FBI, he'd invited Callie to his fishing cabin. Both had known the significance of the offer, the shift from mere dating to a more intimate relationship. Callie had promised to come, but had failed to do so. Her betrayal, added to others from his past, had reinforced the conviction that he was destined to spend his life alone. Just not tonight.

He knows exactly where to find Callie -- working late in her vegetarian restaurant. Callie is surprised to see him, but intuitively knows that something is wrong. Callie being Callie can't resist reaching out to him. One thing leads to another, but Armond can't stay. Centurian is behind bars but the job is far from finished. Callie cannot accept his choice.

Both believe it is truly over this time, but the legacy of that night will bring them together once more. Topping things off, Hera has been ordered to get this unlikely pair back together, permenantly, as the condition for her return to the home world she so desperately misses. It won't be easy. It is well known that sons of Ares are incapable of love, and Centurian's goons have other plans for Armond.

Two month's later Callie realizes that she is carrying Armond's child. Against her family's wishes she chooses to let share the information with him. She finds him at his cabin, haggard and bruised. She is unaware that Armond doesn't know her, he doesn't even know who he is. His memory may be gone, but his instincts are as fine tuned as ever. For unknown reasons he knows he wants her, and that she is someone he can trust. Somehow she is the key to the all the answers he is looking for. He isn't about to mess it up by revealing his memory loss.

Staying close to Callie, Armond struggles to regain his memory, with criminals in pursuit, and the matchmaking Zeus and Hera dogging their footsteps. The plot includes a friendly side wager with Dionysus the "the god of wine", who doubles as Callie's boss Dion Backus. He's bet Aphrodite's mirror against Zeus and Hera's rings that he can keep the couple apart.

With the slate wiped clean Armond is a different man, that is, except when his instincts kick in. Then he becomes the warrior Callie is familiar with. Has he changed enough to make things work between them? Can Callie bend enough to bridge the remainder of the gap? Will Armond regain his memory in time to bring the criminals to justice? Will Hera return to D-Alphus, leaving a broken hearted Zeus to match make all alone?

Riveting, suspenseful, humorous, heartwarming, and romantic, are all words that describe this newest release by Kathleen Nance. Highly recommended. Look for THE SEEKER (descendants of Hades and Leda) in January of 2002!

March 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 4, 2002


Callie Gabriel, a fiercely independent vegetarian chef, manages her own restaurant and stars in a cooking show with a devoted following. Though she knows men only lead to heartache, she can't help wanting to break through Armond Marceux's veneer of casual elegance to the primal desires that lurk beneath. Armond returns from an undercover FBI assignment a broken man, his memories stolen by the criminal he sought to bring in. His mind can't remember Callie or their night of wild lovemaking, but his body can never forget the feel of her curves against him. And even though Callie insists she doesn't need him, Armond needs her--for she is the key to stirring not only his memories, but also his passions.


The Warrior
(Sons of Olympus: Book 2)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
June 1, 2001
Available: June 7, 2001
ISBN #0505524171
EAN #9780505524171
400 pages
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