"hot scenes and tender moments"

Selean has nothing more to live for. Her family is all dead, and after the death of her sister she finds out she has the same form of cancer that killed the rest of her family. So she comes up with a plan, she is going to commit suicide. Plans made and instructions given, she sits one night and awaits death.

Raggar Vaul has watched Selean for a while. He knows about her plan to kill herself and the reasons behind it. The night she does take her life he is there to save her, or is he? After first meeting Selean, he knows he has to have her. He is drawn to her like no other. Now after saving her life it's up to him to convince her they are meant to be Mates. Can Raggar do this before the evil in his home has other plans and carries them out?

Belita Renn fills Lust of a Vampire full of hot sex scenes as well as some tender moments. This story is full of intrigue and mystery as well. The reader feels Selean's pain of losing her family and finding out she isn't long for this world, as well as her lust when she meets Raggar. Readers get insight to Raggar and how lonely he must feel being alone so many years, and his longing for a real woman to call his Mate. They will also enjoy the struggle both face when the evil finally shows itself and it's purpose. Very hot sexual scenes will bring any reader ready for some private time with those they love.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 23, 2009


Can the devil and the angel be one and the same?

Selean was dying from a form of Cancer so she commits suicide. As she is dying and angel arrives to take her away.

Only this angel turns out to be Raggar Vaul, a vampire that seems inclined to torture her. Then he claimed her as his own since he saved her life. He loves her with an unexpected passion that she is happy to enjoy, still she is his prisoner.

While adjusting to living in his castle, he never warns her therefore she is unprepared for the encounters with an evil that is determined to kill her when it attacks.

Will she survive or will the evil take over all?

Erotic Romance: Paranormal (Vampire)

Warning:this title includes explicit m/f, m/m, f/f, sex and bondage.

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Lust of a Vampire
by Belita Renn

Red Rose Publishing
January 1, 2009
Available: January 15, 2009
ISBN #160435223X
EAN #9781604352238
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